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Dahivada/ Dahibara Aloo Dum, Cuttack

Odisha Famous Cuttack Dahi Bara Aloo Dum|Easy Recipes

Dahi bara, the iconic odia dish is a lip smacking Indian delicacy, which is widely popular in Odisha. It is a very...

Odisha Famous Nimapada Chhena Jhili Easy Recipe And Images

What does ‘C’ stand for? Chhena Jhili! Yes, today’s blog is about that pure and mouthwatering  classic Odia desert made from...

Odisha Famous Dhenkanal Bara Easy Recipe With Images

What does B stands for? Bara!Bara (Vada) is a famous street food of Odisha and very much popular in the whole country....

Puri Abhada- Lord Jagannath’s Favourite Food

Odisha’s culinary culture is quite distinct and appreciated worldwide for using less oil and spice nonetheless, remaining flavorsome.  Everyone loves food; God, too!...

List Of Lord Jagannath’s 56 Bhog

Based on the char dhaam, Lord Vishnu bathes at Rameswaram, gets dressed and anointed at Dwarka, dines at Puri and meditates at Badrinath....

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