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Food Of Odisha

Odia cuisine is one of the most appreciated cuisines in India. The mouth-watering dishes have a wholesome blend of taste, aroma and flavor. Be it simple or elaborate recipes, all are prepared with utmost care and attention. The traditional preparation methods are used to retain the traditional flavor and taste.

Nayagarh Chhena poda

Nayagarh Famous Chhena Poda Recipe

Chhena poda or baked cottage cheese cake is simply a cake but you don’t need any flour or baking powder to make...
Top 10 restaurants in Cuttack

Top 10 restaurants in Cuttack

Cuttack is one of the 30 districts of the state Odisha. The administrative headquarters of odisha are to be found in the city of Cuttack. As...
Odisha Famous Bolangir Chaula Bara

Bolangir Chaula Bara-The Famous Sambalpuri Soulfood

Odisha’s koshli cuisine or Sambalpuri cuisine is very basic to the Koshli cultural identity and it is quite dissimilar in every...
Top 7 Odia breakfast recipes

Top 7 Odia Breakfast Recipes|Popular Odia Dishes

Morning breakfast holds the most important part among all the meals of a day and it should never be skipped. Breakfast- the...
Top 8 summer cold drinks of Odisha

Top 8 Summer Cold drinks of Odisha

In Odisha summers can get quite hot and uncomfortable as it’s a subtropical state. When mercury rises up, people seem to...
Top 10 popular and must try odia food

Top 10 popular dishes of Odisha

Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath, has a very rich sacred culture, heritage and this is reflected in the unique odia...