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Travel Odisha – Best in Odisha provides you the complete guide about the Glorious history, Address, Location, Photos, Facts of all the top travel destinations present in Odisha. Our major aim is to make Odisha more popular amongst travelers inside and outside of India and to show Odisha’s rich culture and beguiling heritage throughout the world.

ananta basudeva temple bhubaaneswar

Ananta Vasudev Temple | Temple City Bhubaneswar Odisha

This 13th century old Shri Ananta Vasudev (Basudev) temple will mesmerize you with its grand architecture and golden history. As we all...

Gopalpur Sea Beach – Ganjam, Odisha | Gopalpur Beach Tours & Travel Guide

Gopalpur is Odisha's most popular sea beach. It is located 173Km from Bhubaneswar,Odisha. The great thing about this place is charming and alluring....
Barabati Fort

Barabati Fort – Cuttack, Odisha | All you need to know about Barabati Fort

Barabati Fort - Cuttack, Odisha | All you need to know about Barabati Fort               The Barabati Fort...
Best Places to visit in Puri

Best Places to visit in Puri District

Puri, the land of Lord Jagannath is a city in the state of Odisha on the eastern coast of India. Biju Patnaik...
Sudarshan Art and craft village

Sudarshan Art And Craft Village Of Puri

Odisha is well-known for its ancient culture and heritage with the Hindu Temples. It is a perfect destination for spending a...
Archaeological Museum Of Konark

Archaeological Museum Of Konark

Archaeological museum at Konark is one of the most important  museums of Archaeological Survey of India which is Located on the...
Blue Splash Water park, Puri

Blue Splash Water Park – Puri , Odisha

It’s very common to spend the summer weekends in the malls, movies and coffee shops. Basically, anywhere away from the blazing Sun,...
Sakshigopal Temple Of Puri

Sakshigopal Temple, Puri- History, Timings and More

Temples have great importance in Hinduism. Among these temples, the name of Sakshigopal(dedicated to Lord Vishnu) temple is very famous, also...
Lokanatha Temple, Puri

Lokanatha Temple, Puri|Lokanath Temple

The Lokanatha Temple is the second most popular temple after the Jagannath Temple in Puri and is just 3 kilometers away...
Kuruma, Buddhist Heritage

Kuruma Buddhist Site- Archaeological Monuments|Odisha

Puri is the land of memorable culture and heritage. Along with the Jagannath temple, there are several places in the...