Ashok Pati Biography, Wiki, Movies and More

Ashok Pati, director, screenplay as well as storywriter of Indian industry who has notable contribution in Odia and Bengali film industries.

Ashok Pati is an award winning director in cinema. He is best known for his stylish directing and on trend costumes that his movies are known for. He first shot into the spotlight on account of Milan Luthria, who was impressed with his work as an assistant director in Deewar starring Amitabh Bachchan. Ashok Pati has had a successful career in Ollywood due to this film industry’s reputation of using glamorous settings and amazingly themed costumes.

Ashok Pati Biography

Ashok Pati has also written story and screenplays for several of his films. Ashok assisted Sudhanshu Sahu with the screenplay for Sahara Jaluchi in 1998.


He is mostly known for making remake as well as south Indian films. He started his career with his first directional debut in Baazi in the year 2001.

Some of his directed notable Odia films include

Mate Ta Love Helare (2008),

Loafer (2011),

Shapath (2012),

Love Station (2016),

Sister Sridevi (2017),

Mu Tate Love Karuchi (2007),

Nandini I Love You (2008),

Prem Rogi (2009),

Dream Girl (2009),

Sanju Aau Sanjana (2010),

Diwana (2010),

143 I Love You (2011),

Dosti (2011),

Idiot: I Do Ishq Only Tumse (2012),

Super Michhua (2015),

Tu Je Sei (2016),

Love Pain Kuch Karega (2016),

Vision (2017),

Sundargarh Ra Salman Khan (2018),

Ajab Sanju Ra Gajab Love (2019),

Golmaal Love (2019),

Mr. Majnu (2019)

Bengali films include

Inspector Notty K (2018),

Aashiqui (2015),

Romeo vs Juliet (2015),

Ami Shudhu Cheyechi Tomay (2014), and Khiladi (2013).

He worked as an assistant director in Odia film include Rakhi vijigala akhi luhare, Suna palinki, Laxmi Pratima, Kie pocchi daba maa akhi ra luha, Sahara jaluchi, Mana rahigala tumari thare and in hindi films include Chori chori, Deewaar..

lets bring our heroes home. He has contributed as screenplay or story writer in the movies such as Deewana Deewani (20130, Idiot: I Do Ishq Only Tumse (2012), Shapath (2012), Dosti (2011), 143 – I Love You (2011), Loafer (2011), Diwana (2010), Sanju Aau Sanjana (2010), Dream Girl (2009), Prem Rogi (2009), Nandini I Love You (2008), Mate Ta Love Helare (2008), Mu Tate Love Karuchi (2007), Baazi (2005). He has also shown his acting skills in the movies such as Idiot; I Do Ishq Only Tumse (20120, Prema Adhei Akshyara (2010), Luchakali (2010).