Top 10 Recreation Of Ollywood Songs-‘Old Is The New Gold’

Old is Gold. This famous proverb is taken quite seriously now by the Ollywood industry. In today’s era, where current singers and rappers try to simulate Western culture; old songs are there a treat to the ears. The musical composition or mode, originality, creativity, simplicity, beauty and aesthetic of these songs remain unparalleled and unique. It’s not that the recent ollywood movies songs and albums are not flavored with new melodies, but now this has become a trend that an old song can be recreated in a new form, therefore it can be presented in a new way. Whether it’s bollywood or ollywood, recreation of old songs become a craze.

 There are endless numbers of Old Odia songs that are remarkable and unforgettable. Following is a list of some most popular songs that resounded again in Odia industry and turned out to be a hit.

  • Rangabati:

Rangabati is arguably the most popular and superhit recorded song in Odisha.  This sambalpuri song was written by Mitrabhanu Gauntia (a much respected lyricist from All India Radio), composed by Prabhudatta Pradhan and sung by Jitendra Haripal and Krishna Patel. This evergreen song gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s for being played in marriage procession and vasani (Murti immersion). Jitendra Haripal, the male singer of this song has received ‘Padma Shri’ award in year 2017 for this song and was felicitated by CM Naveen Patnaik.

The lyrics of this song ‘Rangabati’ is so mesmerizing that it has performed in many other languages by different singers across the globe and has been recreated in Telugu for movie ‘Kushi’. In 2015, this song was again recreated and sung by Krishna Beura in bollywood movie ‘Kaun Kitne Paani Mein’ which was directed by Odia filmmaker Nilamadhab Panda.

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Rangabati song was remade by the composer Ram Sampath featuring Sona Mahapatra, Rituraj Mohanty and Sampath himself for MTV India’s Coke Studio Season 4 in 2015. In just 48 hours after being uploaded on Youtube, it had achieved an incredible 5 lakh hits when it was aired on MTV. On that platform, this song was re-interpreted as a beautiful bilingual conversation of Sambalpuri and Tamil. In spite of some controversy this recreation song reached a larger public and notched up 44M views on Youtube till now.

  • Puchuki Gali:

The original song of ‘Puchuki Gali’ was written by Shrisananda Das Kanungo, composed by the great legend Amarendra Mohanty and was sung by the multi-talented Sonu Nigam Sir. It’s a superhit song from the movie ‘ Suna Panjuri(1995)’ where the actor Sidhant Mahapatra was trying to impress his actress Indira (Bombay) with the song. This song has been very beautifully choreographed and comprised of cuteness, college atmosphere and some few comedy scenes.

After about 24 years, the reprise version of this song sung by Aseema Panda and Satyajeet Pradhan. The lyrics are penned by Tapu Nayak and music is from Asad Nizam.

In Dusshera 2019, the same song has been recreated by the dancing sensation Sailendra and Subhashree. With the background voice of MK Mukesh and music by Moni Gopal this song turned out to be superhit. It has crossed 1.5M views on youtube within a week. Sailendra Samantaray brought a new dance side of it and added new flavor to this old popular song.

  • Tiktiki Tiktiki Hue Mo Chhati:
Recreation Of Ollywood Songs

‘Tiktiki Tiktiki Hue Mo Chhati’ is already a popular song from the Odia movie ‘Balidaan’ that came up in the year 1978. This movie was directed by Prashanta Nanda  and the casting of this movie consisted of Prashanta Nanda, Sujatha and Mahasweta Roy.

In 2017, Wildstone Tarang Music Studio had remade a new version of this famous odia song Tiktiki Tiktiki in the beautiful voice of Asima Panda which crossed 5.3M views on Youtube.

The same song has been again recreated in the movie ‘To Bina Mun Kichhi Chahena’ featuring Rakesh Deo, Manaswini Pati  in the lead in 2019.

  • Suna Ra Chadhei:

‘Suna Ra Chadhei’ is another popular song from the famous ollywood movie ‘Suna Panjuri’ which was originally sung by Sonu Nigam and Kavita Krishnamurthy casting Sidhant Mahapatra and Indira in lead. The music was composed by Amarendra Mohanty and beautifully penned by Nizam Sir.

The same song has been reprised in the year 2018 by singer Sashanka Shekhar and Sanchita  Subhadarshini that hit 3.7M views on Youtube.

  • Sindura Kahijae Mote Aji:

Now this song ‘Sindura Kahijae Mote Aji’ is already a famous song that was originally created in the year 1996. The song was from the movie ‘Suhaga Sindoora’ where the main cast was Sidhant Mahapatra, Rachana Banerjee, Debu Bose, Hara Patnaik,  Mihir Das and Pradyumna Lenka.

The song is known for its soothing music and also for its beautiful choreography. The song was sung by two famous singers Sonu Nigam and Anuradha Paudwal, composed by Manmath Mishra and directed by Hara Patnaik.

Finally, the song is again reprised in 2017 by the singer Sashanka Sekhar and Sonali Nanda. The reprised version has also gained more popularity and hit 3.6M views on Youtube.

  • Chithi Mora Tiki Chadhei:

‘Chithi Mora Tiki Chadhei’ is a very popular song that was created in the 80s but it has its lingering effects even today on the listeners. This song was picturised on the onscreen chemistry of Prashanta Nanda and Mahasweta Roy and was sung by the legendary Indian Odia singer Akshaya Mohanty aka Khoka bhai and Anuradha Podwal. This superhit song is from the movie ‘Swapna Sagar’ which was produced and directed by Prashanta Nanda in 1983.

After about 35 years, the same song has been recreated by Namita Agarwal and Sourin that crossed 1.2M views on Youtube.

  • To Akhi Mo Aaina:

This superhit song is the title track of the popular ollywood movie ‘To Akhi Mo Aaina’ which was produced by Kailash Maharana under  Saraswati Movies Banner in 1999. The film stars Sidhant Mahapatra , Jyoti Mishra in the lead role, along with Mama Mishra, Bijaya Mohanty, Uttam Mohanty and other in supporting roles. Sonu Nigam and Pamela Jain were the singers of this romantic title song.

Again in 2018, the same song has been remade by Sashank Sekhar and Sanchita Subhadarshini by Phoenix post production and crossed 1.3M in Youtube. In the same year another recreation has made upon this song by Asima Panda and Satyajit which was a great hit too.

  • Phur Kina Udigala Bani:

The original song ‘Phur Kina Udigala Bani’ was written and composed by the legendary singer Akshaya Mohanty. This song was from the movie ‘Jajabara(1975)’ which was produced by Bijaya Pattnaik and directed by Akshaya Mohanty, Bijay Mishra and Hemanta Das(Trimurty). It stars Sriram Panda, Banaja Mohanty and Tripura Mishra in lead role. This was the first regional film in India to be digitally colorized and also the first to be given a theatrical re-release in Odisha. ‘Phur Kina Udigala Bani’ was sung by Trupti Das and Geeta Patnaik.

An Odia album was made by recreating this song starring Chuni, Sonali, Mana and Meera under the banner Payal Music. In 2018, a new remade version of this beautiful song was sung by Barsha in the platform of Wildstone Tarang Music Studio.

  • Mote Miligala Mo Jibana Sathi:
Recreation Of Ollywood Songs

‘Mote Miligala Mo Jibana Sathi’ is a popular odia song is taken from the movie ‘Babu I Love You (2005)’. This beautiful track was sung by Ratikant Satpathy and Ira Mohanty, written by Bijay Malla and directed by Malay Mishra. It stars Sidhant Mahapatra and Anu Choudhry in leading role.

Again after 14 years, the song has been successfully reprised and sung by Sashanka Sekhar and Srijita under Somesh Music and crossed 1.7M views on Youtube.

  • Rama Re Rama Re:

The Odia song ‘Rama Re Rama Re’ is a very popular odia song from the movie ‘Mana Rahigala Tumari Thare’ which was directed by Mohammad Mohsin, written by Swarup Nayak and produced by Basant Nayak in 2002. The song stars Sidhant Mahapatra and Jyoti Mishra in leading role and was sung by the very talented Ira Mohanty. The video of the song is quite interesting made where the heroine wants to impress the hero through the song.

In 2019, the song reprise was created again by Ira Mohanty under Sarthak Music. To keep the song with its real flavors, the actual singer Ira Mohanty had only created the recreation song of ‘Rama Re Rama Re’ and you can find this song has more than 1.5M viewers on it.

So these above are some of the famous songs that have been recreated from the original songs in last few years and have been popularized once again. The concept of remaking the old songs has been there now in Ollywood since last few years and it’s actually working out so well. By observing the success rate of these reprised songs, there are chances that there will be many more other Odia songs which can be recreated once again in near future.

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