Top 10 popular dishes of Odisha

Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath, has a very rich sacred culture, heritage and this is reflected in the unique odia food as well. Odia cuisines are very simple yet delicious, prepared in little or no oil which not only enhances the taste, but makes very healthy as well. There is so much in terms of tourism and cuisine that the state has to offer. Here, you will find a mix of vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes. But it is one of the underdog state of India as people know so little about the state. You wouldn’t know the vastness of the beauty of this state regarding location and food, unless you’ve been there. “Oriya cooks, especially from Puri were the most preferred chefs once upon a time’’, they says. These chefs would be the head chef of many of the Zamindar families of West Bengal and the principal chefs at a marriage ceremony would essentially be an Odia. In fact, people here loves eating sweets and may be this is the only reason they themselves are so lovable. The prime Odia dishes cooked with mustard oil are a gem of an addition the cuisine palate of India. Well, Scroll down below to get a glimpse of the top 10 Popular Dishes of the authentic Odia Cuisine You Should Know Of!

Chhena Poda:

Chhena poda recipe of odisha
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Chhena Poda literally means burnt cottage cheese in Odia language. This mouth watering odia cuisine is prepared with well-kneaded chhena or fresh cottage cheese, sugar, cardamom and cashewnuts. It is baked for hours till the aroma fills the air and it browns completely. Most importantly the flavor and fragrance of cardamom and caramelized sugar is sure to make you drool.

Poda Pitha(Rice, spice and coconut Cake):

Poda pitha recipe of odisha
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This rice cake is baked with a lot of twist and is completely different from the cake which we normally eat. This unique odia cuisine is not easy to prepare either. It has a long list of ingredients and takes so long to bake. That’s the reason people prefer to cook it once in a year and specially at the time of Raja- an odia fun festival. Podo Pitha can be rightly called as the Godfather of all pithas as it is Lord Jagannath’s favourite. Podo Pitha is usually prepared in a clay oven overnight, but nowadays people bake in their oven to ease the process a little. With a slight burnt top, little spice of cardamom at each bite and that crunch of coconut and cashewnuts along with a caramelized jaggery makes this dessert heavenly.

Dahi Bara-Aloo Dum:

dahi bara aloo dum recipe of odisha
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One of the most famous street foods of Orissa, Dahi Bara -Aaloo Dum just can’t stay away from the list of top prime dishes of Odisha. Some says,’’ Dahibara is not a food, it’s an emotion.” The taste is so genuine that you will not mind the strange combinations of Dahi Baras with curries. What makes it so special is this unique dish can be had for the breakfast, lunch, or dinner and the odia people there just don’t mind eating it any time of the day. Sold in every nook and corner mostly in Cuttack, Puri and Bhubaneswar by cycle-wallas, you have to stand in a queue to taste this delicacy. Dahi Bara – Aaloo Dum is highly recommended when you’re in Odisha.


Dalma recipe of odisha
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This unique and authentic odia dish is known as mother of all dals. Dalma is a very popular Odia dish and it is also served to Lord Jagannath as prasada and is mostly eaten with steam rice. Whatever may be the occasion, you’ll  surely find this dish on the top of the menu. This recipe is cooked by mixing vegetable with lentils that makes it healthy and wholesome. The spicy seasoning gives the dish a distinctive taste and color which is hard to resist.

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Pakhala thali of odisha
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This is yet again a very simple and fuss free Odia cuisine which is prepared with cooked rice which is little fermented in water. You can ask any Odia and they will swear by this. This popular odia dish is said to have originated Lord Jagannath temple, Puri. It is mostly prepared during hot and humid summer days and is supposed to prevent heat stroke. You can find many variations of this dish like: Dahi Pakhala, Zeera Pahkala, and Basi Pakhala. This lip smacking dish is mostly enjoyed with roasted veggies, fried fish and Badi chura.


Ghanta recipe of odisha
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The meaning of Ghanta in Odia is mixed. Ghanta is prepared by mixing a variety of vegetables and is usually enjoyed during festivals in Odisha. It’s very high in nutrition and has got a typical odia taste which can be enjoyed with either rice or Roti along with dal.

Aloo Potol Rassa:

aloo potala rasa recipe of odisha
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This traditional odia recipe is cooked by mixing and boiling potato and pointed gourd. It is prepared with just a teaspoon of oil/ghee along with Pancha-Pootan, a mixture of fennel, cumin, mustard, kalonji and fenugreek seeds, grated coconut and cashewnut. The use of little oil and healthy spices makes the perfect dish for dinner along with chapatti/ Roti.


Besara recipe of odisha
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This famous odia dish is also a part of the Prasad served to Lord Jagannath as a part of the midday meal. Mustard seed is commonly used in Odia cuisine and there you’ll find many variations of besara where the main ingredient, mustard is grinded and made into a fine paste. Then prepared along with veggies (fish as well). The little tanginess and the mild mustard flavor that comes by adding dried mangoes or tamarind makes the dish to die for.

Dahi Kanji:

dahi kanji recipe of odisha
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This is a soupy dish like dal made from curd, rice and sometimes with mixed with vegetables. The curd gives the dish a tangy and sour flavor which is mostly eaten during summer season. The use of veggies, lentils and curd makes the dish very healthy and flavorful. The sight of this dish is enough to keep one salivating.

Badi Chura:

badi chura recipe of odisha
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This is a must have popular odia dish and is an unvarying fixture in any meal, mostly with pakhala. Anyone can cook this within minutes. Prepared with fried and crushed badis along with chopped chills, garlic and onion makes this dish so aromatic and therapeutic. When you taste it once, you’ll surely return to taste it again and again.

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