Top 7 Odia Breakfast Recipes|Popular Odia Dishes

Morning breakfast holds the most important part among all the meals of a day and it should never be skipped. Breakfast- the name says it all. It breaks the all night fasting period. It refills your deliver of glucose to improve your energy levels and attentiveness. It also provides other essential nutrients that are required for a good health. There is a popular saying, i.e. “Have breakfast like a king, take your lunch like a prince and have your dinner like a pauper.” Mainly the coastal state of Odisha has healthy and satisfying scrumptious breakfast options that help to normalize and perk up the nutritional quality. In today’s blog we have compiled a list of top 7 odia breakfast recipes that are ideal on a breakfast table in every Odia household. So without any further introduction, let’s get started.

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This authentic odia breakfast dish is nothing but a homemade protein shakes. This breakfast is highly beneficial for school and college going children as it comprises of rich protein. It is made up of Wheat, finger millet, raw rice, almond, cashew nuts, milk powder, sabu dana, cardamom, black chana, peanut and flattened rice; that makes it a healthy combo. However, you can reduce the quantity of cashew nuts and almonds as per your choice.

Chuda kadali

For an odia, there is nothing is more pleasing for a breakfast option; as a bowlful of Chuda Kadali. It is mainly the damp flattened rice kneaded with mashed bananas with a spoon full of sugar. This breakfast recipe is super easy to make and healthy too. If you consume it in the morning, you are good to go till lunch time, with no cramp of hunger. Jaggery, mangoes (seasonal), freshly grated coconut and even milk like ingredients are added to make variations of this dish.

Dahi bara-aloo dum

Dahi bara- aloo dum of Odisha is as identical as Dhokla is to Gujarat. Despite the fact that; one doesn’t need an excuse to take pleasure in this tasty dish anytime and anywhere. It is indeed a favorite breakfast of all odias. It makes a lethal combination (though a bit on the spicy side), to satisfy the appetite.

Suji Upama

Odia households are diverse from its south indian matching part for starters. In odia style Sooji Upama has vegetables in it e.g. tomato, beans, potato, capsicum, carrot, potatoes and also turmeric, that the south indian version Upama is devoid of.

Chuda santula

Chuda santula or chuda upama is the flattened rice steamed with vegetables. It is once more a special and little dish as compared to the Maharshtrian’s poha. The concept of steaming vegetables in water (with or without usage of oil) in an odia kitchen is mandatory. It is a breakfast alternative and also a comfortable dish that makes it to lunch boxes of school students and office-goers.

Bara ghuguni

“Sambar-vada is for kids, Bara Ghuguni is for legends”, as said by an Instagram meme. Well, there is no offence to our south indian neighbors, but bara ghuguni is the mandatory Sunday breakfast. It is the best of morning meals all over Odisha; even if many also prefer it as a winter evening snack. Ghuguni is a really tasty and spicy curry made of potatoes and white peas. This bara ghuguni is a deadly combination. It is topped with chopped onions to harmonize the crispy and spicy flavor.

Chakuli pitha, aloo tarkari

Chakuli Pitha and aloo tarkari is an authentic odia breakfast cuisine. It is prepared on special occasions or for guests. The thin coupled pithas with potato curry can be satisfied on to stomach’s full and heart’s pleased. It is one of the most preferential dishes during odia festivals and also in celebrations.

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