Top 8 Summer Cold drinks of Odisha

In Odisha summers can get quite hot and uncomfortable as it’s a subtropical state. When mercury rises up, people seem to turn to the air coolers and ACs to find some relief from the heat. On the other hand to ease dehydration, people in Odisha have taken to traditional cold drinks that will cool the body as well as hydrate it, all the while being really mouth-watering. Now a day’s Odisha is invigorating for tough days if the current trend of weather bulletin is anything to go by. But some parts of the coastal state are already experiencing hotter days giving rise to heat level that spring will give a miss this year.

There are over-the-counter drinks available to quench your thirst. Some of these delicious drinks are Panas consisting of a flavor base which can be anything from plain water to boiled rice water and also can be flavoring agent in the form of fruit pulp.

Here are our top 8 refreshing Odia summer drinks that will not only rehydrate you but also help get over sultry conditions.

1. Amba Pana

Mango pana or amba pana popular drinks of odisha
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This refreshing summer drink  is made using raw mangoes, fresh mint, sugar, salt, roasted cumin powder and black pepper, is the go to option for people Of Odisha. Ripe mangoes can also be used mixed with milk or yogurt and chilled and this drink is specially prepared at the time of Dola Yatra or Holi when small processions of devotees move from house to house carrying Radhakrishna idols. Then Amba pana is offered to them as prasad.

2. Bela Pana

Bela pana summer drinks of odisha
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Summer brings with it many fruits, one of which is ‘bela’ i.e. wood apple which is a funky smelling fruit. Bela pulp inside it is a good flavoring agent for a cool drink when mixed with grated coconut, chenna (cottage cheese) and black pepper. It is supposed to have health benefits for people suffering from hyperacidity, dyspepsia and gastritis. Bela pana is usually drunk around Pana Sankranti or Odia New Year and also offered to Lord Jagannath as Prasad or summer juice.

3. Palua Pana

palua pana summer drinks of odisha
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Made from palua (better known as arrowroot) mixed with yogurt and sugar and flavored by cardamom Palua Pana is one of the popular refreshing drinks of southern Odisha. It is mostly topped with bananas or grated coconut. It is said to help with upset stomachs and cools down the body during summer.

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4. Odisha Lassi / Odia Lassi

Odisha Lassi
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There is no better way to beat the heat other than a lassi. The base ingredients of Odia lassi are Yogurt, Sugar and Ice Cubes. Odia lassi is a regional summer delicacy that adds on to this traditional North Indian drink by topping it with grated coconut, cashew nuts, sweetened condensed milk (rabidi), cherries and yogurt. You can find this summer drink (Sarbat in Odia) all over Odisha in roadside stalls.

5. Pudina Juice

Pudina sarbat popular cold drinks of India
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Refreshing and delicious Mint/ Pudina juice (pudina sarbat) is often well thought-out essential for any drink that requires a taste of freshness. Therefore using mint or Pudina as a foundation for a drink is the logical next step. This green drink consists of mint, lemon, ginger and green chill blended into yogurt and water and served with ice cubes. This provides an instant sense of refreshment to the drinker.

6. Khajuri Mishri / Tala Mishri Sarbat

Mishri Sarbat cold drinks of Odisha
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Khajuri mishri (also called Tala Mishri) or crystallized date palm sugar is considered a sugar substitute for diabetics and obviously is good for blood pressure patients. This revitalizing summer drink mixes khajuri mishri with lime juice to create a sweet and sour experience. It is often topped with ice cubes and sabza seeds (Basil seeds).

7. Adhara Pana

Adhara pana Lord jagannath's favorite cold drinks
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Adhara pana is a spiced drink of milk and jaggery which is offered to the Trinity of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra on the return from the Ratha Yatra. This Lord’s favourite drink is served to the deities in earthen pots big enough to reach their lips. The word ‘adhara’ means lips and ‘pana’ means cold drinks. This drink has a lot of healthy spices like ginger, nutmeg, edible camphor, black pepper, cardamom, cloves etc. and has fruits like apples, grapes, grated coconut, bananas, ripe mangos and oranges in it.

8. Tanka Torani

Puri Tanka Torani
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This lip smacking drink is generally served in earthen pots is sold around Jagannath Temple at Puri. It is made by adding rice water to yogurt and topping it with green chilies, curry leaves and orange/ lemon leaves. However, since 2017 sale of tanka torani has been prohibited at Ananda Bazar outside Jagannath Temple.

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