Top 9 simple ways to eat more Foods

The loss of desire for food happens when you have a low desire to eat. Different factors can be the causes for your poor appetite, together with mental and physical illness. If your lack of hunger lasts for more than a couple of days, it can cause weight loss or undernourishment. Not having the craving for food can be frustrating for anyone, especially for those people who are still underweight and trying to increase weight or build mass. In today’s blog we are presenting you the 9 simple ways to eat more foods and increase your appetite.

1. Switch to smaller meals instead of a larger one.

A more inspiring way to eat is to split your three main meals into five or six smaller meals. Eating three complete meals might seem like a difficult task when you don’t have a strong appetite. When your craving improves, you can start increasing the portions of these complete meals, or by adding more ingredients to eat more calories all through the day.

2. Make easy substitutions to focus on more nutritious foods.

Those people who have poor appetites they used to eat empty calories like cookies, candy, chips, ice cream and baked foods to gain weight. However, these kinds of foods might seem mouth-watering and be full of high amounts of calories; still these are a bad idea because they provide very few nutrients.

Our suggestion is to focus on foods that provide you with calories and a wide collection of nutrients like protein and healthy fats.

3. Eat More Calories.

Another easy way to eat more foods and increase your appetite is to make sure you’re eating enough whole days is to put in more calories to your meals. One of the best ways to do this is to cook your foods with calorie-dense items like butter, olive oil or whole milk.

4. Make Mealtime a Pleasurable Social Activity.

You can invite friends and family to your place over meals to make foods more pleasant to eat. Some studies have shown that cooking and eating a meal with others in a delightful way may help encourage your appetite more than eating alone. Eating while watching TV; is another great idea to make your meals more enjoyable. Turning your boring meals into occasions for socialization will help you enjoy your food more and could increase your craving.

5. Serve your food on larger plates.

Having a poor appetite and seeing big portions of food can be discouraging. A magical way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to trick your brain to think that you are still eating small portions. You can easily do this by serving your meals on a big plate in spite of small plate.

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6. Never Skip Breakfast.

Eating breakfast on a daily basis is really important when you want to increase your hunger and gain weight. From a review study it has found that skipping breakfast can lead you to eat less all through the day, which is exactly opposite of what you want.

7.  Drink Your Calories and Nutrients.

A very practical way to drink your calories is by swapping some of your meals with nutritious and high-calorie drinks. Drinking your calories might be a more inspiring way to gain calories intake than chewing your food when you do not feel too hungry. Try Smoothies, milkshakes and juices by replacing your regular meal.

8. Eat more of the foods you like.

Choose foods you like. Yes, the logic for this rule is pretty simple. It is important for you take some time to plan and prepare them by taking some time, so that you can always have them available. Well, if your favorite foods are not healthy such as fast foods, you can try cooking them at home with more healthy ingredients to make them more nutritious.

9. Do Exercise Regularly.

Your body burns calories to sustain your energy levels during exercise. Physical activities will surely increase your appetite to refill the calories burned. There is a proverb; “Slow and Study wins the race”, you may have heard it, right? Therefore your appetite is more likely to improve after several days of exercise, not after just one day. Physical activities can sway several processes in your body that have been shown to increase hunger. Hence make your calories burn more with the help of physical activity and stimulate your appetite by enhancing metabolic rate and hormone production.

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