Sri Jagannath – Lord Of the World

sri jagannath

Many religions are on our side. Sanatan Dharma was the first religion of the world. Now it’s known as Hindu dharma after facing many problematic phase. Chaturdham or Four Holy places of hindu dharma are Badrinath on north, Rameswaram on south, Dwaraka on west, and Puri on east are present. here we are to talk about Puri Sri Jagannath temple.

It is popularity known as Srikhetra, Sankhakhetra, Purusottam khetra. It is located at eastern coast of India on bay of Bengal. Indradyumna is known as the creator. This temple was built by the ganga dynasty king Anantavarman Chodagangadev in 12th century.

Sri Jagannath
Sri Jagannath

In hindu temple generally icons are made of stones, but here icons are made from a specified tree wood, which also changed in every 12 year. there is a stone called BRAHMA which has to place on icon.
Ratha Yatra or Car Festival event celebrated every year on June to July generally.

Sri jagannath dham or Puri known as the spiritual capital of the state. Every year many visitors visits this place. Ratha Yatra is the best time to visit,because millions of people come to see the event and for pulling the Ratha(car). Nearest international airport is Kolkata in west Bengal. Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport to Puri about 60 km . One can travel by bus or taxi or by rail.

ratha yatra

Generally Odia language is the main language is here. Except this many other languages like Hindi,English,Bengali,Sanskrit are also spoken. Now this days many devotees come from outside the country to join Mahima of lord Jagannath. if you are, then must visit this place to see the devotion. here other attractions are sea beaches, kalinga architecture, Konark temples few miles away from it.
if you are visiting Odisha then must visit Baladevjew temple at Kendrapara which is the temple for Baldev( big brother of Sri Jagannath), Vitarakanika also at Kendrapara for Ghadial Crocodiles, deers, many other animals, and a beautiful nature.
Sri Jagannath temple, Konark Sun Temple, and Bhubaneswar known as spiritual tringle of Odisha.

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