All you need to know about Odisha Govt “Mo Sarkar”

The ‘Mo Sarkar’ programme aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government offices by regularly engaging citizens. This term is a Hindi word meaning ‘My Government’ or ‘At Your Service’. An integral part of this scheme is the request for citizen feedback via phone calls made to a selected pool of numbers chosen from a range of geographical areas in Odisha. The aim is that the initiative will lead to greater transparency with regard to information, as well as improve communication between officers and people when it comes down to resolving day-to-day issues. This may also instill a sense of pride and responsibility in public sector employees compared to their counterparts on the private sector.

The objective of the ‘Mo Sarkar’ programme is to provide service with dignity to people who are coming to government offices. It mandates that anyone visiting these offices would have his/her mobile number registered. Calls will be made by the Chief Minister, the minister and the departmental authorities to randomly.

selected numbers with the purpose to improve the governance system by collecting feedback on the behavior and professionalism of the government officers.

It is a transformative initiative which has truly empowered common man. One of the examples is as follows:

A WATCO (Water Corporation of Odisha) consumer got instant justice against poor public service delivery through Mo Sarkar programme. While G Mathi Vathanan, Principal Secretary, Housing & Urban Development department was making random phone calls to WATCO consumers to get their feedback under ‘Mo Sarkar’, a consumer complained that he had got his water supply connection recently, it was of poor quality and was leaking, said a press release issued by the Housing & Urban Development department on March 03, 2020.

The person identified as Akhaya Kumar Mohapatra of Khordha during the interaction, told the Principal Secretary that despite making repeated calls to the concerned contractor and WATCO to get the defect rectified neither the contractor nor WATCO responded, hence he (consumer) had to engage another private contractor to get the leakage repaired and had to pay Rs 1500.

An enquiry was immediately ordered into the allegation.

In the enquiry, it was revealed that Nortech, the agency which had undertaken the job of providing a household connection to Mohapatra, had done a defective job and had not responded to rectification request. Hence the consumer had to get the rectification work done at his own cost through another contractor. There was also a lack of supervision by the concerned Assistant Manager concerned.

Upon instructions from the Principal secretary of the Housing and Urban Development department, GM of WATCO and PD operation had gone to the house of the consumer and directed Nortech, the Executing agency, to pay Rs 1500 to the consumer to defray the cost of rectification.

The release has further said that the Engineer-in-Chief, Public Health Engineering Organisation (PHEO) has been asked to issue a warning in writing to the concerned official for lack of supervision.