Corona Virus Latest Update

Corona Virus Latest Update

CORONA VIRUS Latest Update

The official name of corona virus disease is COVID-19  where ‘CO’ stands  for Corona, ‘VI’ stands for  Virus, “D “ stands for disease and 19 stands for year 2019 as it has been started in China in the year of 2019., and for the virus is Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV.

Now-a-days most people are infected by COVID-19 and in this disease some people are suffering from mild symptoms like runny nose, cough and fever because of this virus while some might experience severe symptoms leading to pneumonia but for some people, this disease has also proven to be fatal.

Coronavirus has spread to 168 countries worldwide, including cold countries like Greenland, hot cities like Dubai, humid cities like Mumbai and dry cities like Delhi. As per the news the number of positive cases of corona virus (COVID-19) has reached about 439,570 worldwide, where 19,638 people were died and 111,926 number of people were recovered globally. Corona’s havoc continues to grow in the whole world including our India. So far 10 people have died in the country due to Corona virus, while the total number of confirmed cases due to COVID-19  has increased to 606 . Everyday corona virus constantly  looking for a new host to spread it everywhere. Due to the Corona virus crisis, the central government has taken many big decisions. After meeting with the Chief Secretaries of all the states, the Central Government has decided to lockdown the whole country .

How it spreads

When someone infected with the corona virus it coughs or sneezes, very fine particles of his spit are spread in the air and the virus is spread through these tiny particles. Once a person sneezes, more than 3,000 particles of droplets come out of the body.

Once this virus has entered the human body, the method of killing it has not yet been devised. The World Health Organization and many countries are working on it, but so far no medicine can be made to kill it. This is why governments are telling citizens about ways to avoid this and asking people to keep distance from each other.

Our body will have to fight with this virus, that is, only the immune system of our body will have to defeat it. If we wash our bedsheet, then this virus can be removed from there, but the virus that has entered the body cannot be removed by washing the body.

As there is no medicine made to kill this virus., So please try to avoid any close contact with those people who are sick, especially those , who are suffering from fever, cold or acute respiratory infection.

If you are suffering from any of the mentioned sicknesses, make sure to visit your doctor as soon as possible and share the information about your recent travels, if any, and take medicines and do stay at home until you are completely cured.