Meet the pad girl, Dr. Priyanka who is creating awareness by breaking the taboo on periods

PERIODS: Break the Taboo:

In this 21st century Menstruation is still a Taboo, and women still hide from this and don’t talk about it freely. Periods comes in every girl’s life around the age of 8 to 12. This fact about Girl’s Menstruation has became a Taboo, “a Shhhhhhhss” Topic in the society, where no one knows. Especially in Odisha, and it’s tribal belt, where our society hides this word PERIOD, like its some kind of Taboo, and because of this behavior & thinking many girls, their families still don’t know about its importance and its hygiene care. This is a time when a girl needs more care. A normal period (or normal menstruation) is different for every woman. Each month, one of your ovaries releases an egg. Meanwhile, your uterus gets ready to help your baby grow if that egg gets fertilized. Even if Odisha celebrates this Period Taboo as a festival called “Rajo”, its not yet that open to the Tribal society of many places in Odisha. One should be Proud to be a Women & have a women in their life, as women are the Reason of the Future, the Creator after God.

Dr. Priyanka is talking with tribal women about sanitary pads
Dr. Priyanka is talking with tribal women about sanitary pads, Place: Godibari, Chandaka Forest

Dr. Priyanka Mohanty-The Pad Girl of Odisha:

A woman with a voice, is by definition a strong woman but the search to find that voice is remarkably difficult today in this society. Breaking all stereotypes there’s this woman Dr Priyanka Mohanty, a Doctor and social activist, who has become a new face of Odisha, for Women. Her contribution to society durning pandemic and her zeal to work for all rural and tribal women for menstrual hygiene has not only brought the attention of public but Is highly acknowledged by Govt of Odisha. She is a life time member of Red Cross, making a hundred unit blood donation camps every year and is volunteering for unicef and WHO. She is loved and appreciated by all the slum people and why shouldn’t she be ? Her attitude and nature to help everyone is going to take her to new heights in future. Starting from orphanages to old aged homes she has left no stones unturned. She is an important core member of Sattvic Soul foundation which is spreading smiles to thousands of people out here at Odisha. As a PadGirl of Odisha, a friend of every women, she says “Nothing is impossible when you have right platform and determination to do it”

Sattvic SOUL Foundation is working towards a Mission, a dream of Menstruation Not a Taboo, explaining the importance of Period Hygiene and it’s Importance. The whole team of Sattvic SOUL in the last 2 Years of Revolution, has distributed around 1 lakhs & more Pads among the Tribal women in Odisha, & made them come out to speak their problems. Every place the team goes makes Women understand the importance of menstrual hygiene & to be Proud to be a Women.

Dr. Priyanka is distributing pads to the tribal women

Sattvic SOUL to all Women out their, “Be Proud to a Women, as no one can take your place ever”.

Wishing Dr Priyanka, the inspiration to many girls out there, a very bright future ahead & Sattvic SOUL is always “Working towards Women’s Future, by breaking the silence on Periods

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