Mo Cycle Service In Bhubaneswar| How It Works?

Yulu- Mo Cycle Service In Bhubaneswar
Mo Cycle Service In Bhubaneswar

Mo cycle is the first Public Bike Share System (PBS) of Bhubaneswar. It is started by the Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) and the Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT). It is a fun, affordable and easy transportation option for quick trips around the capital city. It comprises a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable cycles that are locked into a network of stations all the way through the city. 

With a perception to reduce the traffic congestion, improve the air quality and enhance the space efficiency in the city;  Odisha’s honorable Chief Minister Mr Naveen patnaik had launched this scheme and a mobile application at the Biju pattnaik International Airport Square on 26 November 2018. He flagged off a promotional rally from Airport square to Kalinga Stadium and after that the service has added to smartness of the state capital.

The central concept of mo cycle is to reduce the pollution, traffic congestion and to provide riders a cheap or affordable access to bicycles for a short distance trips. There are 500 Mo Cycles stations in Bhubaneswar which is integrated with the BOS to support Mo Bus and stand alone stations placed near destinations.  Around 2000 Mo cycles provided by the 3 private operators Yulu, Yaana & Hexi and this service also has been very useful for Youths as well as for others. This is a user friendly and a cheapest mode of transport.

On 26th November 2019, Tuesday; Mo Cycle’s 1st anniversary celebration and Mo Cyclothon has been inaugurated by MD Shri Aun Bothra, IPS and CRUT. After successful completion of one year with Mo Cycle, CRUT is now going to launch Electric bike named as Miracle. Yulu Miracle is already operating in multiple cities like Bengaluru, Delhi and Navi Mumbai.

Key Features of Mo Cycle:

  • Mo cycle is an attempt to improve first and last mile connectivity by filling in the critical gap between the stop and the final destination for the commuter.
  • It is improving accessibility and road safety by offering people an alternative way to access to the destinations that is beyond their reach by foot.
  • This silent two wheeler has some special features such as it can be easily located by the help of its global positioning system (GPS) & also it have smart locks that users can unlock it through a mobile application and it is beneficial for both men’s and women’s with a adjustable seats and utility baskets.
  • Through the Mo Cycle App, Riders can take the cycles on rent.  First 30 minutes of any ride is free and after 30 minutes it will be charged 5 rupees per half hour.
  • This humble two wheeler has covered more than 7 lakh km distance till date and saved 2 lakhs Kgs of Carbon emission.
  • The no. of riders of Mo Cycle was 100000 on December 2018 and it has increased to 350000 till November 2019.

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Enjoy The Unlimited Rides:

You will get unlimited ride for a month by paying Rs. 50 in Mo Cycle app. If you want to become a true green warrior of the Bhubaneswar, then take the cycle today and turn down your carbon foot mark.

Hexi Mo Cycle

Go Green Thursday _ Pedal for a greener and fitter tomorrow:

‘GO GREEN THURSDAY’ is nothing but just an excellent initiative that will encourage the citizens to ditch their personal vehicles for the day and use MO Cycle & Mo Bus for their daily commutes.

You can now enjoy every Thursday unlimited free rides in Mo Cycle. Be it’s a travel to office or run small errands, using cycles is a cleaner and much healthier option to travel. You can now enjoy unlimited free rides in Mo Cycle on every Thursday.

Mo Bus+ Mo Cycle Physical Pass:

The Mo Cycle physical pass is going to launch very soon. By this one can avail the pass along with Mo Bus pass by paying Rs. 50 extra and the pass will remain valid for a month.

Yana- Mo Cycle on stand

Bi-Cycle Sharing In Campuses:

Inside the closed and restricted areas of IIIT, AIIMS, KIIT, SOA, Sainik School; people are taking up the Mo Cycle two wheeler as a fast and reliable mode of transport. Therefore, the CRUT is planning to extend it in other campuses in the near future.

How to Use Mo Cycle App?

1. Download the MO CYCLE app from Google Play Store/App Store.

2. Now open the app and find MO CYCLE near you.

3. Then Click the unlock icon on the app and scan the QR Code on the MO CYCLE to use it.

4. Enjoy your ride, follow rules and look after your safety.

5. End the ride.

6. Lock the bike.

By locating the nearest station, a rider can take Mo cycle from any location and unlock the bike through QR code scan, after this, the two wheeler has ridden for a short trip and after reaching its destination the rider has to end the ride on app, which will be manually locked then parked at any station for the next customer. It’s an Environmental friendly way of living.

So, now what are you waiting for? Enjoy the bi-cycle ride on Eco-friendly route and be an Eco-warrior.

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