Odisha Govt. has announced Black Fungus or Mucormycosis An Epidemic!

The Odisha government has declared Black Fungus or Mucormycosis an epidemic in a major development in relation to public health. An urgent notice was issued by the Health and Family Welfare department of Odisha in this association. The state government includes mucormycosis  or black fungus as a regulating disease under Section-2 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 after all the careful concerns and considerations. Previously the Union Health Ministry had also appealed to all the states and Union Territories to proclaim mucormycosis as a modifiable disease.

“All the government and private health establishments and medical colleges must follow all the guiding principles and norms issued by the ICMR on screening, diagnosis and management of black fungus or mucormycosis.”, advised by the Ministry. Earlier in the day, Telangana and Rajasthan governments have already announced Black Fungus or mucormycosis a disease that is first and foremost affecting the COVID-19 recovered patients on Thursday and Wednesday, respectively. A lot of cases of Mucormycosis have been reporting quite in hospitals across India. Black fungus or Mucormycosis  is a rare yet serious fungal infection that is affecting patients who have recently recovered from COVID-19.

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“The cases of rare black fungus infection associated with COVID-19 have come into view across the government and private health facilities in the nation’s capital after being highlighted by Ganga Ram hospital a few days ago.”, twitted by Odisha Health Minister Sri Naba Kishore Das. Adding more to his context he also advised to follow all the protocols laid by local authority to prevent and stop the spread of the dangerous disease.

Black fungus (Mucormycosis) is a destructive and intrusive fungal infection caused by a group of molds known as mucormycetes. This fungal infection can affect a variety of organs but is at present manifesting as an invasive rhino-orbito-cerebral disease. It majorly affects the ear, nose, throat, and mouth of a human body. It is not communicable but can cause a lot of harm and damage inside and can be incurable and deadly if not detected untimely.

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