Pervez Musharraf Got Death Penalty For Imposing Emergency In Pakistan

Pervez Musharraf sentenced to death

Syed Pervez Musharraf is a Pakistani politician, who was the 10th president of Pakistan and a retired four-stared general of Pakistani army, gets death penalty in a sedition case. As per media reports, Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf was condemned to death by the special court in Peshawar on Tuesday in a sedition case, which is one of the most consequential decisions by the country’s judiciary in recent years. Musharraf, who planned the 1999 Kargil war with India, is the first military ruler and second top official to receive the death penalty in Pakistan’s history. Before him Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was removed from the post of Prime Minister in 1977 and hanged.

Musharraf was accused of treason for declaring an emergency after overthrowing the elected government in 2007. The charge was heard by a three-member bench headed by Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth. On Tuesday, the bench ruled it a 2-1 vote against Musharraf, considering it a crime., stated that Mr. Musharraf was guilty of violating and subverting the constitution and gave him the highest punishment under the High Treason (Punishment) Act of 1973. The case started in 2014 against Musharraf. After this Musharraf moved to Dubai in the name of getting treatment in March 2016 and he never returned, citing safety, health. A bench of Justices Seth, Justice Nazar Akbar and Justice Shahid Karim reserved their verdict in the case on 19 November.

On 27 November, the Islamabad High Court prohibited the government from hearing the verdict and also directed the government to form a new prosecution team by 5 December. The new team constituted by the government appeared before the special court on December 5, after which the special court had fixed December 17 for pronouncement of the verdict.

The sedition case was registered on November 3, 2007 for imposing emergency. The treason case against Musharraf was resumed in December when Nawaz Sharif returned to power in 2013. Musharraf’s emergence and journey in October 1999, he rebelled against the PM Nawaz Sharif and took power. In June 2001, he announced himself as the President of Pakistan while serving as military chief. Re-elected President for five years by holding disputed referendum in April 2002 re-won the presidential election in October 2007, which was challenged in the Supreme Court. He resigned in August 2008 following pressure from the main ruling parties.

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After the Pakistani special court sentenced former Pakistan military dictator Pervez Musharraf to death, the Pakistan government has said that the government will consider legal ways to bring him back. However, bringing them to Pakistan can prove to be a big challenge for the current government. He moved to Dubai after getting permission from the Supreme Court in March 2016, meanwhile, the special court had termed him as a fugitive.

Musharraf, who has accepted the crime of promoting terror camps against India, is currently undergoing treatment in Dubai. Despite several summonses at the time of hearing, he has not appeared in the special court. On the other hand, Firdaus Ashik Awan, Special Assistant on Information and Broadcasting of PM Imran Khan, said that the government will assess in detail about the national interest and political impact of the court’s decision.

Awan told reporters in Islamabad that the government had discussed with law experts. It analyzed the legal and political aspects of the decision and the impact on the national interest. On the question of bringing Musharraf back to Pakistan, Awan said that the government is also considering this process with the legal team. He said that the Prime Minister will return from a foreign trip on Wednesday to look at the ground reality and legal provisions and a decision will be taken after that.

On the other hand, soon after the verdict came, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) President Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari tweeted, “Democracy is the best revenge”.

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