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Raseshwari Devi

Sushri Raseshwari Devi Ji, is one of the jewels among the foremost pracharaks of her world renowned spiritual master Jagadguruttam Swami Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji is the co founder of Braj Gopika Seva Mission, a spiritual manifestation of the Divine grace of her beloved Guru – Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj. Raseshwari Devi Ji, is a spiritual leader from India, whose lucid yet dense philosophical discourses and soulful kirtans have alchemised life of many, pan India and abroad.

Raseshwari Devi ji

Shri Maharajji’s avowal for Raseshwari Devi ji

Raseshwari Devi Ji, was born on 12th January 1968 in Bhilai, Madhya Pradesh (India). She was hardly 21 days old when Jagadguruttam Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj came to Bhilai for a discourse. He met her parents very affectionately and delivered a prophecy about this little infant of 21 days- “When she grows up, she will spread my philosophy across the world.”

From the plant of devotion to the spiritual Preacher – Sushri Raseshwari Devi Ji.

From her childhood days, Devi ji received many opportunities to associate with Shri Maharajji frequented Bhilai in order to bless her with His pious satsang (divine association). Shri Maharajji was immensely pleased to note the myriad of possibilities of an upcoming preacher in this little girl, gifted with sharp intellect and a brilliant memory. By His direct correspondence through letters, He nourished the plant of devotion in her, to mould a profound spiritual leader.

Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji at the lotus feet of the Divine grace Shri Maharajji.

Poojniya Raseshwari Devi ji

Devi Ji excelled in her studies in school as well as in college. She did her graduation in Mathematics and in the year 1988, she completed her Masters in English Literature with the highest marks. Immediately after her academic education, Shri Maharaj ji called her to Guru dham, Mangarh in Uttar Pradesh (India), in order to prepare her to be a spiritual preacher. Sitting at His Holy Lotus Feet, Raseshwari Devi Ji internalized all the dense mysteries of the Vedic scriptures. She completed her spiritual education within a short span of just six months!

On 15th October 1989, Shree Maharaj Ji graced her with the divine robes and declared Raseshwari Devi Ji as a new spiritual guide . Poojniya Devi Ji made her debut public speech in 1990 at Kali Mandir of Durg, in Madhya Pradesh. Ever since her first public speech, she has been determinedly disseminating the unique philosophy of our Sanatan Vedic Dharma and the secret of attaining Divine Bliss and Love, which was revealed by Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj.

Shree Maharaj Ji

Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji – Adarsh Yuva Adhyatmik Guru Awardee.

With an ultimate vision to render selfless service in the lotus feet of Hari Guru, Poojniya Devi Ji is restlessly making tireless efforts to propagate the principles of Sanatan Philosophy and the practice of Roopdhyan Sadhana, through her eccentric discourses pan India and abroad. Various efforts are made by her organization Braj Gopika Seva Mission under her guidance in the sector of spirituality, health and social welfare.

Raseshwari Devi ji

Her humongous contribution of 30 long years towards spirituality and bringing life altering changes among all was acknowledged by the esteemed organization Bhartiya Chhatra Sansad, MIT Pune. On 20th January, 2019 the spiritual leader her holiness, was conferred with the Adarsh Yuva Adhyatmik Guru Puruskar.

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