Restaurant management during COVID-19 pandemic

For the past one year, corona virus has become a major threat to public health in our country. All sectors of the economy have been hit heavily and we are all wondering how to deal with such unprecedented calamities. The way the operations are being done, the restaurant has to make quick changes. Restaurant owners, servers, employees, distribution workers – all are highly affected during this crisis. What’s more, no one knows for how long this great danger will hover over us.

Impact of Coronavirus on Restaurant Sales

As Corona virus is spreading all over India, people are working from home, all the colleges and universities are being shut down and the government has advised the general public to stay inside their home by maintaining social distance,and  because of these recent developments, diving in restaurants is totally out of question. 

While some restaurants have suffered a setback of last-minute cancellations as well as sinking profits due to fewer customers, there have also been cases where restaurants have received orders for more food deliveries than usual. So, it’s the time to make some major changes to run your restaurant and in this article, we’re going to discuss that how to manage your restaurant during this panademic.

How to Manage Operations During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Now-a-days if you want to reach your customers then food delivery is the only way. May be it can affect to your business and can lead to lower profits., but it’s a good time to  estimate your financial situation and know the damages which are being taking place., and keep updating your data of how much profit or loss you are making.

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Simultaneously , always update content for your social media pages which is related to current situation. Using this platform you can remind your customers that you are still providing a better food delivery to keep them satisfied and safe also you can use this to spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness practices as well as social distancing. After all, people around the world are working from home and practically stick to their phone screens throughout the day. Use this fact to your advantage by marketing yourself as a reliable business.

Safety during corona virus

Every day COVID-19 cases are bing reported with more and more number of people. So this time safety is their first priority and customers need their food as being prepared in safe and hygienic ways.Make sure that everything in your kitchen is clean and tidy including all kitchen equipment, doorknobs, handles, POS systems, billing machines, keyboards and  everything that exists on the premises of your restaurant and kitchen. Keep sanitizers and check on your staff time to time to ensure that they’re following the required protocols. Don’t forget to stocked up with supplies such as paper towels, napkins, sanitizer solutions, phenyl and so on.  Delivery men are also the ones who are at the forefront of this panademic as they have to go from door to door in order to deliver the food., So guide them properly and equipped with masks and gloves during every delivery process.

With this ongoing crisis, you shouldn’t forget about your workers health. If anyone is suffering from cold and fever then you should  offer paid sick leave to that employee so that he can stay at home so that they don’t put others at risk too. 

Running your Restaurant during the Lockdown

As State governments have started to impose a complete lockdown on most cities in the interest of public health. For now, the lockdown is being imposed till 17th June 2021.

The NRA of India has instructed all of its parties to shut down operations but you can still offer food delivery to your customers through your own application and website as well as using Swiggy and Zomato.  


The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all walks of life and restaurants have been inflicted too. Everyone is having a tough time running daily operations including Small scale quick-service restaurants, as well as global food giants.

In this article, we have covered the various aspects that require your attention to ensure the well being of all stakeholders involved in your services. You have to be updated depending on the situation. Stay connected with your customers and employees at all times — after all, it is an epidemic that we can beat this together.

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