Selfless volunteers of A Diyaa Foundation are feeding the needy amid the lockdown

Diyaa Foundation

Selfless volunteers of A Diyaa Foundation feeding the needy amid the lockdown.

By Manisha Singhal , Cuttack

With the lockdown extended, the country fears and still remains susceptible to a wider and potentially more damaging outbreak. Narendra Modi’s only mantra – “Hum Swasth Toh Jag Swasth” has made all of us stay at home which is well-known as the quarantine days. For some it is a break from office, for others it is a family time phase but what about the daily wage labourers of our country?

Amid the lockdown, the selfless volunteers of A Diyaa Foundation, an NGO run by the youths of Odisha, mainly Cuttack are risking their health to help the needy. When the families in slums and daily wage earners are finding it difficult to survive, two brothers from Diyaa Foundation – Bismay Malla & Biplab Malla stepped out to ensure that some essential food items are supplied to the ones in need.

Diyaa Foundation

“Due to social distancing, they made the grocery packets on their own. They have helped more than 75 families. Salute to both of you for the tremendous work”, said a team member. The Foundation started in November 2019 with an aim to break the vicious cycle of hunger and to serve the ones who sleep empty stomach.

Diyaa Foundation

While all of us are keeping a constant check on our stocked groceries, there are a few who do not even have the option of stepping out to earn their daily wage and purchase food for their families. But the volunteers of Diyaa Foundation are working around the lockdown restrictions and taking it to the streets.

Diyaa Foundation

“Since Covid-19 is taking its part in our world, we need to pay more attention to ourselves. Stay alert and help as much as possible. Stay safe and stay sanitized always”, said Biplab Malla.

“A humble request to all of you – Do not waste your food and if you are capable of giving then just do it because no one has ever become poor by giving. Support your Government and support your people.” – From the members of A Diyaa Foundation.

(You can follow A Diyaa Foundation on Facebook or contact them at: +91- 96929 99997

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