Soul Women Menstruation Hygiene Awareness

Sattvic SOUL is moving towards a Future where the Urban, Rural and Tribal area’s Women are made aware of Menstrual Hygiene and it’s importance always in a grand way. The Founder, and whole Sattvic SOUL Team are working day and night for making the village & tribal women understand to stop using the old clothes & other unhygienic ways for menstruation which is dangerous for their Health & the Team is trying to achieve this goal within 2030.

SOUL is always “With Women, For Women’s Hygiene” by distributing Pads to the Tribal belt in Odisha, explaining what Soul is, and explaining what measures to take for vaccination while being in periods with Dr. Priyanka Mohanty and the professional Doctor’s team.

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Satyabrata, being a Founder had solely done more than 70 campaigns towards this goal, (just like a Youth Padman for Odisha), talking about all the Periods Taboo and making sure the family members also understand the Importance of Menstruation Hygiene & support the women.

Menstruation Hygiene Awareness By Sattvic Soul

In this last 2 Years of Revolution, Sattvic SOUL has distributed around 1 lakhs Pads among the Tribal women, made them understand the importance of menstrual hygiene and made them come out to speak their problems. This Menstruation Hygiene Day, Team have distributed Sanitary napkins in many Tribal areas in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar with our Doctors team. The Doctor’s Team also explained about Vaccine and Menstrual cycle via Webinars. Team Sattvic SOUL will keep Spreading this Awareness of Menstruation Hygiene for women.

Because “Women is the Nurturer of the World!”

Author Credit: Sattvic SOUL

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