Vaccination Halted In Odisha For 18 to 44 Years

vaccination halted in odisha

COVID-19 vaccination of people aged between 18 to 44 years is probably halted in the entire state from June 2 due to scarcity of vaccines; however, it is yet to open slots for the 2nd dose. The shortage of COVID-19 vaccine has put a question mark on the immunization of people aged between 18-44 years against Corona virus pandemic in the Odisha capital.

As per the Health Department sources, the lack of vaccines has adversely affected the drive and stock for the below 45-year age group in the city will be exhausted by Tuesday. Therefore Govt. has decided to open limited slots for tomorrow depending on availability of vaccines in the centers. According to additional Public District Health Officer Mr. Antaryami Mishra,” after june 3 the state govt. will have to wait for vaccines to recommence the drive for this 18 to below 45 years age group.”

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner Sanjay Singh informed that the picture will become unambiguous and clear by evening. As per the BMC sources, it had expected 1.65 lakh doses of Covaxin and 1.50 lakh of them have already been managed. The city has 5.17 lakh beneficiaries in this age group for whom 10.34 lakh doses of Covaxin are required.

Due to the short supply of both Covishield and Covaxin in state, the acquired vaccines will tired out tomorrow and there is no further contact or any communication from the manufacturers regarding further delivery of the vaccines.

Odisha had a stock of around 42,730 doses of Covishield and 14,650 doses of Covaxin for the age group of 18 to 44 age people.

However, Centre is expected to send 3,05,460 doses of Covishield and 40,000 doses of Covaxin for beneficiaries above 45 years. The Covishield consignment will reach the state on June 3 and Covaxin on June 6.

It is significant to mention here that still there are thousands of people aged between 18 to 44 years are eagerly waiting for their second dose of Covaxin in the state capital as their due dates have already arrived, and now this shortage of vaccine put a question mark amongst the odia people.

By seeing such situation, the state government had urged the Centre to allow extra Covaxin vaccine in stock for 45 and above age group to be sidetracked to the 18 to below 45 year age group in the city on a short-term loan basis.

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The state Health Minister Naba Das had written in a formal letter to Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan regarding the shortage of vaccine. In this he wrote that the state capital Bhubaneswar will still have a stock of 3,45,550 surplus doses from the Central quota in June which can be abstracted for vaccination of 18+ age group.

“Despite the fact that Odisha has been allocated around 1,65,940 doses of Covaxin under its own procurement, still the stock of vaccines will be completely used by the end of June,”the health minister added.

Markedly, the Union government is likely to send 3,05,460 doses of Covishield vaccines and 40,000 doses of Covaxin vaccines for the beneficiaries above 45 years and these shipments will reach Odisha on June 3 and June 6 respectively.

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