Tesla Mobile Model Pi: Tesla is developing a phone you can use on Mars? Here are the key details

Elon Musk’s SpaceX announces plans for smartphone designed to work on Mars. Leaks, renderings reveal details of rumoured smartphone from EV Company.

Will the Tesla Phone hit the market in 2021? There have been a lot of rumours circulating about a possible Tesla phone. We don’t know exactly when, but we do know that if it happens, folks will be talking non-stop about Elon Musk’s new invention! In August, digitaltrends.com wrote: “The new model is tentatively called the Model Pi and will supposedly appear sometime this year…If there’s any indication that the company may seriously launch a phone, this would be it.”

While information related to its price is still pure speculation, numerous questions have been asked that may indicate that it would be one of the most affordable options on the market. Additionally, there’s been great confusion as it pertains to whether or not they will need a sim-card. One important thing to note about this product is their plan is to make it possible for you to easily purchase by having access from any website without first buying a Tesla electric car.

Tesla Mobile Model Pi
Tesla Mobile Model Pi

TESLA PET PROJECT: Starlink is one of Elon Musk’s pet projects. It is tech that will be built into the next-generation smart phone, according to tech experts who recently saw demos of what Tesla is working on. The tech will be used to provide an expensive, more elegant solution for keeping track of pets while their owners are away during the day – something that Tesla hopes will set itself apart from its competitors in the tech industry, which is extremely competitive at this time. The tech giant already has deals with local pet shelters that allow you to be able to remotely open doors for your dog or cat so they can go outside for fresh air if they so choose while you’re out there working away on your latest project or simply enjoying an afternoon far away from home. Such deals have helped boost confidence in Tesla’s ability to succeed at building a popular product by helping alleviate concerns among investors and specialists about Tesla’s development pace.

So Tesla is looking to manufacture a cellphone. Why would it want to get into that market? What advantages will people have from using a Tesla device over, for example, an IPhone from Apple or an Android from Google?

Tesla has always said that it is an automotive tech company, not just a car company. That’s pivoted for its performance in the market because its stock price and market value dwarf the ‘traditional automakers.’ Tesla’s currently in a position to be worth more than Toyota and BMW respectively in the coming years in terms of market capitalization in this upcoming year [2017]. Its [Tesla’s] already been [been there] over 2x [of Toyota]. It’s been almost 10x the value of BMW, as you can see in this graphic right here.

In the midst of a car company trend toward declining sales, Tesla is bucking the trend as it sold more cars during a period of chip supply shortages from other companies. The decreased production from other carmakers is due to chip shortages that are preventing them from manufacturing and selling cars. During this time, Tesla will be interested in making their own smartphones so they can take control over the smartphone software and the quality updates to the device without pulling too many resources away from working on its main business: The world’s most well-known electric vehicles. We understand Elon Musk was asked about why Tesla wants to make phones, his response was that hardware companies like their phone but prefer it if it just worked great every time they got an update, instead of slowing down or getting bugs added.

Tesla and Elon Musk realize that in the 21st century, your phone can become your car’s equivalent in terms of central command. The key to making this work is to create a direct link between the two, so that using your phone directs you where you need to go. That’s the exact motivation behind the Model P/Pi smartphone. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Tesla Model Pi Phone Features & Specification :

According to Antonio De Rosa, one of the principal designers of the iPhone who made a few of his best features and designs for Apple’s iconic device, is now working for Tesla. In this video clip from a recent TED talk presentation De Rosa showcased his latest brainchild – watch it here:

  1. Start the Tesla car, Stop the engine, and Access with Tesla or authorities.
  2. Use a neural link with a neural network to read thoughts and non-verbal communication requests.
  3. Four cameras
  4. Crypto mining resources for Marscoin
  5. Sync with other teslas devices
  6. Solar energy.
  7. Linking with Starlink satellite data 

Let’s examine a couple of these features 


“Neural networks” is an easy term to misuse. Although the name of this technology may sound simple, it can be used in everything from self-driving cars to new digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.. Neuralink uses this technology as a safety feature analyzing thoughts and possible utterances that aren’ t understandable by another person. That might be life-saving if you can t talk after getting into a bad car accident.

2. 4 Cameras

It looks like you might be able to use these cameras simultaneously, like one to shoot a pic and another a video or one pic zoomed in close and another at a distance. People will have lots of fun with this feature. It’s an added advantage that you can view or edit photos right from your phone! Talk about being on the go!

3. Crypto Mining Resources for Marscoin

You know that Elon Musk is bullish on colonizing mars, right? Well, he says that the phone will enable cryptocurrency mining for mMarscoin. Mmarscoin is a cryptocurrency and governance coin that goes hand in hand with the needs of those who plan to settle down on Mars one day. By the way, mMarscoin (MARS) currently trades at about $0.061 against USDT or BTC at exchanges like XT.com and Finexbox. And if you’re interested in investing in this currency, mMarscoin (MARS) is currently valued at approximately $6 per coin .

4. Solar Energy Charging

One of the most annoying things is being caught without a charger or being stuck in an area where there are no outlets near you. We have all looked around when in this situation for something to charge our phones with, when it hit us that everyone has a phone but what if we could take little pieces of your everyday technology and bundle them into one handy gadget that would be close at hand when in need?Introducing ‘The Gizmo’; A portable charging unit that is small enough to fit on your keychain, backpack, car keys… practically anywhere! Now you can juice up your phones, tablets, vaporizers etc… wherever you go.

5. Sync with Other Tesla Devices

Do you know what Starlink is? It is an upcoming satellite project from the SpaceX corporation. Using a network of 1000 satellites spanning the globe, Starlink seeks to deliver broadband internet services to rural or other low-density population areas. If Tesla’s partnership with SpaceX delivers on its promise, Tesla drivers will be able to use their vehicles’ built-in cellular connection to connect with Starlink and download more data directly into their cars or even their phones via WiFi hotspot functionality.

Do you know what Starlink is? It’s part of SpaceX, a company co-founded by Elon Musk, chairman and chief executive officer of Tesla, a leading electric vehicle manufacturing company. Starlink uses satellites to help provide internet services to rural or other low-density population areas that have been left behind in terms of technology access. Because Tesla is gearing itself towards being an all-electric vehicle brand instead of just being limited to cars such as the Tesla Roadster (one its earliest models), there is a possibility that you will be able to sync your phone with not only other Tesla vehicles but also with Starlink and download more data directly into your phone, car or both!

Building up Marscoin and using satellite links to support it may have more implications with the Tesla Model Pi. You might be able to mine other Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies without much energy expenditure. Also, you could make use of your phone for mining other PoW coins – but why settle for only one when you can hold several virtual currencies on one device anyway?

We have a fantasy where you’re getting lots of passive income from mining. In one of these payouts, we get a kickback to you! To reverse engineer this idea, let’s take a look at ApplePay and GooglePay. They both create passcode-protected wallets for your online purchases. Now banking services have been acting the same way for years. The reason why this kind of service is so great wouldn’t it be great if there was a perfect blend of all the services I just mentioned above?

Almost everyone around me wants to get rid of their traditional banking systems. Look at how many people have bought Teslas in lieu of gas-guzzlers like Ford or Chevy, made with fossil fuels. Imagine if you could pay your electric bill in BTC through the dashboard or on your phone when you’re on the go; there’s no need for ApplePay or GooglePay.

The contactless gas and toll payment technology has shown its successful applications in two different locales. However, many developments have been done to improve the security aspects and to back it up with further benefits to the public. Given below is an analysis of how it has been proved as a much more convenient and secure application than other means for this purpose:

We’ve all been there. You might be driving from point A to point B and you have the classic, heartbreaking realization that you’re almost out of gas. As if it’s not stressful enough already, this mile marker could potentially jeopardize your entire journey as there may be a long stretch between exits where you’ll have no option but to wait or even get off at an exit that’s luckily close by just to get some gas – not something anyone wants to experience over and over again during their drive. And while Google Maps is mostly accurate in terms of distance between destinations, it doesn’t always take into account traffic jams or tolls! That’s why Tesla has achieved so much success lately because of new technologies they recently released for android-platform smartphones – like the integration with VAPORIO portable charging devices which come in multiple types of sizes including an elegant new pendant, perfect for women on-the-go.

Scenario #3: For the first time ever, financial institutions and big business went into blockchain to tackle scalability, security and interoperability issues. Without diving into technical details too much, we can tell you that these issues were resolved so well via a new blockchain architecture, at scale and in a quicker time than the rest of the crypto community was expecting which allowed for significant use cases to be developed so quickly. The result was an acceleration in adoption by many major brands.

The best way to encourage further adoption of cryptocurrency is to offer users a host of new services that they may need on an everyday basis. It’s not just about offering them the option to pay for their cars with cryptocurrency or allowing them to access these services with an app. It would be far more simple if users had one place from which they could access all available crypto-related services from the same place, just as it happens currently with fiat currency.