Top Indian Podcast of 2021

There are many websites that you can use to watch movies and TV shows online. People use Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other websites to watch movies and TV shows. There are also many websites that let you listen to podcasts. Podcasts are like radio shows. You can listen to them online. There are many podcasts available to listen to. In India, there are many podcasts. There are many podcasts about politics, technology, business and many other things. There are many Indian podcasts. This is a list of the best Indian podcasts.

Top Indian podcasts of 2021 you need to tune in to right now:

1. The Geek Squad – Spotify / Apple Podcast/ Google Podcast / Breaker / Overcast

The Geek Squad

Episode 01 : Cyber Hijack

Episode 02 : Fly me to the Moon

Episode 03 : The Dark Side of the Moon

2. On The Contrary – Audible / Apple Podcast/ idronline

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On The Contrary

India Development Review is a show on YouTube about India. The show brings together different people who have different ideas and opinions about India. The show tries to find a new shared understanding that people can agree with. The show is hosted by Mr. Arun Maira. Mr. Maira used to work for the government and he was in charge of helping other countries understand India. He also used to work for a big company called the Boston Consulting Group. He has also written books about India.

3. Darr Ka Raaz with Dr. Phobia – Spotify

Darr Ka Raaz with Dr. Phobia
Darr Ka Raaz with Dr. Phobia

This is a new podcast on Spotify. It is a psychological horror podcast. It is about a therapist who treats his patients with hypnosis and past life regression therapy. The therapist talks about phobias and uncovering hidden secrets. He has 26 episodes and he releases two episodes each week. The narrator is Rajesh Khera who played the Onida devil in the brand’s ads.

4. Kahani Suno – Audible/RadioIndia/Gaana

Kahani Suno is a podcast that talks about some of the best stories written by Jaishankar Prasad and Munshi Premchand. The best part about this podcast is that the stories are short and some episodes are only three minutes long. You can get through a lot of stories in a short amount of time.

5. Crime Kahaniyan – Spotify

If you like to listen to stories about crime, then you should listen to Crime Kahaniya. It is a weekly Hindi podcast about crime. It tells about many different kinds of crimes that have happened in India. There are stories about murder, mysterious crimes, and people who have been kidnapped.

6. I Hear You – Spotify 

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I Hear You

A podcast is like an audio file that you can download and listen to on your computer. Aahana Kumra is a famous Bollywood actress. She is the narrator of the podcast. The podcast is about a detective who can hear some noises that help her to solve crimes. The noises are not normal noises. They are special noises.

7. The Tastes of India – Apple Podcast/JioSaavn/KukuFM/Spotify/

The Tastes of India
There is a podcast that is all about Indian food. It is called The Tastes of India. The podcast has been going on for a long time. It comes out every week. It is a show that is in both English and Hindi. It has a lot of recipes that are easy to make. It is a great podcast to listen to if you want to learn about Indian food.