Tik Tok Ban : Accidents and Deaths due to TiK Tok cause Outrage for ban on App

Tik Tok Ban in India – Accidents and Deaths due to TiK Tok cause Outrage for ban on App – Best In Odisha

On Tuesday night, Google has removed the most popular Chinese short- video mobile application Tik Tok from  Google Play Store. Yesterday this app received a significant blow as the government of India ordered Apple and Google to disable downloads of Tik Tok app from their app stores.

TikTok Ban In India

On April 4, Madras High Court asked the central government to ban Tik Tok app which encourages Pornography. More bad news followed after the Supreme Court of India denied to entertain a petition hearing on Madras High Court’s ban order.

What is TikTok?

In the past few days, Tik Tok has become a viral sensation in India and has over 54 million monthly active users. Actually this app is maintained and manipulated  by  China’s Byte dance that allows users to creat and share short video clips mingled with special effects and audio.

Tik Tok Controversy –

The Madras high court in its petition told that this short- video app is damaging and misguiding the mind of Children as well as Youth and making them victims of cybercrime.

It has been purported that Tik tok encourages paedophiles (a person who is sexually attracted to children). With the app’s popularity, there is a growth of users who solicit manifest images of boys and girls. As per Madras High Court, “ Majority of the teens are playing pranks, gaffing around with duet videos and sharing with the split screen to the strangers.

The children who use that application are vulnerable and amy expose them to sexual predators.” Critics say that the app potentially reveals young children to improper videos and language. More so, there have been so many cases where people lost their lives due to Tik Tok.

In recent past exactly just 3 days back, a teenager of Delhi was shot dead as the pistol accidentally went off while filming Tik Tok video. In December 2018, Tamil Nadu’s state helpline notified that it received 36 phone calls complaining of harassment and intimidate connected to the app. The State Police have arrested men accused of using Tik Tok videos to advertise prostitution.

The protests against Tik Tok also comprise its addictive nature which is having dreadful impact on its young users. Shrouded in these controversies, the future of Tik Tok now seems Uncertain!