Archaeological Museum Of Konark

Archaeological museum at Konark is one of the most important  museums of Archaeological Survey of India which is Located on the northern side of the Konark temple about 10-15 minutes walk from sun temple in Puri district of Odisha. This museum started in 1968 contains the various pieces of carvings and reconstructed portions of the Konark Sun temple (some of the rest are housed in the British museum). The Idol of god Sun is also seen here which is not worshiped in Sun temple. Must visit to understand the Konark better!

This Archaeological  Museum of Konark consists of four big galleries displayed with 260 various antiquities, including different sculptures, manuscripts, paintings, and various fallen of parts from Konark Sun Temple. It is a treasure villa for historians and art lovers.

Archaeological  Museum Images

The first gallery of the museum has a collection of 62 antiquities, where you can find  the image of Surya in sandstone, the Khandolite built reconstructed wheel, various incarnations of Lord Vishnu, etc. The second gallery of the Archaeological Museum of Konark has 108 antiquities to display, such as carvings of flora and fauna on stones, cult objects like dikpalas and celestial nymphs, the head of the crocodile in gigantic nature, etc. 

Archaeological  Museum Of Konark Images

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The third gallery has a superb collection of objects which showcases 45 objects like celestial nymphs, image of Surya Narayana, Gaja Vyala, the king with his troop and various erotic figures., and the fourth gallery has a vast collection of artifacts that are put on display in showcases. It consists 45 artifacts including roaring lion, man tied by the elephant trunk, part of a Surya image, erotic couples and king enjoying dance performances, swans with garlands and many more unique elements.The corridors of the museum are adorned with pictures of ancient monuments, stone sculptures and antique objects collected from various parts of Odisha.

Konark Archaeological  Museum

This museum has preserved the history and value of Konark for posterity even as Nature takes her toll on the World Heritage temple of the Sun God nearby.

Konark, India
Archaeological Museum, Konark
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Although,this  museum is very small – but it provides you a depth information about the Konark Sun Temple. So if you want to get the whole knowledge about the Konark temple and the ancient culture of odisha, then must visit this place and know something extra about our past glory.

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