Baliharachandi Beach- All you need to know

Baliharachandi Beach
Baliharachandi Beach

Far from the maddening crowd, Baliharachandi Beach is much quieter and an isolated beach of Odisha under the Puri district. If you’re a beach lover and planning to visit Odisha, then include this Baliharachandi beach in your visit list.

Baliharachandi beach
Baliharachandi beach

It is located at Eastern coast of Odisha. This beautiful beach offers you an unending stretch of golden sand and a wall of endless blue in every direction, where blue sea merges into blue sky on the horizon which will fill your heart with joy and gladness. Beside this pristine blue sea, this place is well known for the temple of goddess Harachandi nearby.

Maa  Baliharachandi Temple:

Puri, the land of Lord Jagannath is not only regarded as Vaishnav centre but also popular for Sakti Pithas. In our previous blog we’ve discussed about Ramchandi temple that is situated in Konark which is also a famous Sakti Pitha. If you have n’t read yet, clicks here.

Maa  Baliharachandi Temple
Maa Baliharachandi Temple

Like Ramchandi beach, this beach got its name in accordance with the Baliharachandi Temple. This ancient temple is completely devoted to goddess Harachandi and As per Odia language, ‘Bali’ means Sand, ‘Hara’ means Lord Shiva and ‘Chandi’ refers to the angry form of goddess Durga.

The temple is located on a Sandy hill near the sea beach having Longitude 85⁰ 41’ 39E and Latitude 19⁰ 45’ 28N which  pays homage to Asta bhuja (Eight-armed) Mahisamardini Durga. As per the myth, Maa Baliharachandi is considered as the goddess of water and navigation who protects fishermen on their menace in sea. The Baliharachandi temple is preferred by devotees from far and wide those who seek blessings from the goddess.

  • All You need to know about Baliharachandi Beach:

Dreaming of a calm and quiet place to visit in your holidays with your loved one? Your wait is over. This beach offers you just the perfect combination for sipping on a cold coffee while reading your favorite novel that you have wanted for so long.

This is a great spot for a day out or picnic with your family, friends and relatives. This beach is often visited by the locals during holidays because so many tourists are still not aware of this place.

Baliharachandi Beach

The Sunrise and Sunset is the centre of attraction at this beach. A wonderful combination of curving sand dunes and swaying casuarinas trees adds more charm to this beach. Nature has set up a clear view of the sea with dispersed seashells and scampering little crabs for visitors’ entertainment. 

Beach lovers just can’t resist themselves for falling in love with the natural and unflawed beauty of this place. This solitary beach is less crowded and a nice solace from the hustle and bustle of the city, so that it is a perfect place to spend your quality time.

  • How to reach?

Baliharachandi beach is situated at a distance of 60 Km from Bhubaneswar and 27 Km from Puri. The nearest Airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar  while Puri is the nearest Railway station to reach there.

The beach is approachable with good roads. You can hire a Bus or Taxi to reach there. This place lies at 27 KM south west of Puri on the NH 203 leading from Puri towards Brahmagiri and Satapada. There is a place named as Kathuari chowk on this road. Once you reach there turn aside to left and after the journey of 5 Km You’ll reach at a village named as Palanka and the Baliharachandi temple is located at a distance of 1 Km from that village.

Again the beach is situated at a distance of 500 meters from the temple. Just 200 meters away from the temple a small river flows into the sea and it can be easily crossed by a boat. You have to pay just Rs 5 for a boat ride. On the other side of this river, there is a vast sandy dune along with Casuarina trees that make this beach a truly adventurous and must visited picnic spot, might be just perfect for a reason.

  • When to Visit?

Though visitors come to beach throughout the year, but the ideal time to visit is between the months of October to March. The temperature lies in between 12⁰C to 29⁰C during the winters which is best for holidaying.

Summer in Baliharachandi beach is immensely searing and humid with minimum temperature of 23⁰C and maximum temperature up to 40⁰C. Monsoon may be the second ideal choice of season to visit there as the place receives a moderate rainfall.

  • What to do?

Though water sport activities are not available in Baliharachandi beach, but if you want You can take football, soccer, volleyball with you and get engage in the leisurely match across the vast span of the beach.

You can take long walks on the sea shore and fill your pockets with small shells. This splendid beach is a great place for photo shoot and definitely a nice choice for spending long hours in silence. You can take a sunbath and get that beautiful tan. You can lay back and take nap in the sun. If you are an experienced swimmer , then the ultimate fun activity that you can do is to swim in the sea.

Though the tempestuous and unstable sea at Baliharachandi beach not suitable for the new swimmers; still follow all the safety instructions to avoid any difficulties. The whole experience is really relaxing and makes you want to stay there for as long as you can.

  • What to eat?

One should must taste the fish Prasad prepared in the Baliharachandi temple and for this You have to contact the temple priest earlier.

As it is a picnic ready place and if you are going on a picnic, you can get non veg items like raw fish, chicken, mutton and all the vegetables from Brahmagiri market. There are some local shops nearby who provide cooking utensils, so no need to carry any utensils for the feast.

There are a few popular eating junctions such as The Gajapati, Chung Wah restaurant, The Verandah, Odissi restaurant, Aquarium and Bamboo etc; not exactly on the sea beach but around it where you can get the authentic odia food with a mix of south Indian, North Indian and Chinese dishes. They serves freshly prepared food in a good ambience at a suitable price.

  • Where to Stay?

Though there are lacks of hotels around the Baliharachandi beach still you can easily find a choice for your accommodation within your budget. If you’re searching to stay at low cost, then Hotel Surya Garden, Hotel  Pushpa, Hotel Lee Garden, Hotel Padma, Hotel Maa Kamakshya, Hotel Diamond Palce are good options for you. These hotels are nearer to beach and have room rents within Rs 1000 per night.

Sagar Tarang Residency, Camelia Hotel, Hotel Raj, Nayak Beach Resort, Puri Beach Resort, Fort Mahodadhi are some of the mid range hotels having room rents between Rs 1500 to Rs 3000.

For luxurious staying experience you can go for Mayfair Puri, Hotel Golden Palace, Hotel Jamindar S Palace and Ananya Resorts which offers top class facilities and services and the room tariffs start from Rs 3000 per night.

  • What to Carry?

For Indian citizens there is no restriction and they can travel freely to this Beach. Anyway for Foreign visitors there are some rules and regulations. The foreign tourists need to carry their prior VISA clearance from the Government of India, Passports having validity of Six months from the date stated in the application and other required travel documents to avoid any kind of trouble and disruption.

  • What are the other tourist attractions present nearby?

Swami Parvananda Museum is a famous tourist destination close to Baliharachandi Beach and it is one of the must visited museum in Puri. Other top tourist attractions are Chilika Lake, Satapada, Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary, Alarnath to visit nearby.