Bhitarakanika National Park – Kendrapara, Odisha | Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhitarakanika National Park

Bhitarkanika National Park – The land of lush inexperienced mangroves, migrating birds and turtles, the baleful water crocodiles, winding water courses, tranquil close intercepted by the chirping of birds and therefore the ever clutch nature, entrails guests from close to and much off places to flock these distinctive places of tourer importance.

Scientists, Scholars, Nature Lovers and Tourists have lush food for thought and exploration. Bhitarkanika National Park represents one of the finest creations ever.

Bhitarakanika National Park - Odisha
Bhitarakanika National Park

The land is painted by as several as three protected Areas, namely “The Bhitarkanika National Park”, “The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary” and “The Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary”.

Bhitarkanika may be a distinctive environment of flowering tree Forests criss-crossed with varied creeks and dustflats settled in Kendrapara district of state.

One of the largest Mangrove Eco systems in India, Bhitarkanika is home to diverse flora and fauna. Bhitarkanika located in the estuary of Brahmani, Baitarani, Dhamra & Mahanadi river systems, has unique attraction and a boast of nature’s most picturesque sites. The unique bio-diversity attracts visitors to the nature’s lap.

Bhitarkanika parkland may be a primary setting of wildcat, fishing cat, jungle cat, hyena, wild boar, noticed ruminant, sambar, porcupine, dolphin, salt water crocodile as well as partially white crocodile, python, king cobra, water monitor lizards, terrapin, marine turtle, kingfisher, wood pecker, hornbill, bar headed geese, brahminy duck, pintail, white bellied sea eagle, tern, sea gull, waders and a large variety of resident and migratory birds.

Bhitarakanika National Park – Entry Points

Khola and Gupti area unit the 2 main entry points to enter the foremost sought-after destination, Bhitarkanika National Park.

Bhitara Kanika Private Boat.

Visitors should take entry permit from the Forest Check Gate at Khola and Gupti. Both Forest Department’s and personal boats area unit obtainable at each the places. Private boats are also available at JAYANAGAR & CHANDABALI.

Discover the Mini Amazon (Bhitarakanika National Park) :

Eco-Friendly Accommodation, Amazing Sightseeing & Scenic Boat Cruising

Major Attractions of Animal World are :-

22-feet Crocodile ( Gauri ), Basking Crocodiles on Mud flat, Spotted Deer, Monitor Lizard, King Cobra & Pythons, Wild Pigs.

Major Attractions of Bird World are :-

170 species of birds, 08 magnificient sub-species of Kingfishres, Open Billed Stork, Sea Eagles, Kites, Sand Pipers, Darters, Whistling Teals & Sea Gulls especially at the BAGA GAHANA in Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sancturary.

Activities and Services offered in Bhitarakanika National Park :-

Great Accommodation, Mouth watering Food, Scenic Boat Cruising, Bonfire, Angling, Corporate Events, Get-togeters, Outing, Team Building Activities & Ice Breaking Sessions, Theme-Based Entertainment.

How To Get There:-

By Road :

  • Bhubaneswar – Khola / Gupti entry purpose : 160 kms
  • Cuttack – Khola / Gupti entry purpose : 140 kms
  • Bhadrak – Jayangar entry point : 70 kms ( Via Chandbali ) .

Nearest Railway Station :

  • Bhadrak – 70 Kms from Jayanagar entry point
  • Cuttack – one hundred forty kms from Khola / Gupti entry purpose
  • Bhubaneswar – a hundred and sixty kms from Khola / Gupti entry purpose
  • Nearest flying field : Bhubaneswar – a hundred and sixty kms from Khola / Gupti

Tourism in Bhitarakanika National Park

The efforts initiated by the Park authorities, post realizing the big potential of tourism, are to form it widespread by involving the area people in numerous array of activities.

Bhitarakanika National Park - Crocodile

Ecotourism is that the most acceptable model for the property development paradigm because of the actual fact that plenty of species like Gangetic dolphins, salt water crocodilian reptile, Olive Ridley ocean turtles, migratory birds like whimbrel limicoline bird, plover and white bellied ocean eagle found within the Park are enclosed within the list of species.

The avenues for spotting the giant salt water crocodiles and other reptiles like the water monitor lizard and the king cobra amuses the visitors. Spotted deer throng around the park. Wild boars are also found abundantly.

The eight styles of kingfishers found in Bhitarkanika are associate eye-treat. The boat ride from Khola to Dangmal is associate exciting journey. The sightseeing trips atop boats over the waves are breathtaking.

The idyllic beauty and style of life and birds during a spectacularly vivid natural background create Bhitarkanika a vivacious tourism haven.

Things to do in Bhitarakanika National Park :

  • Use a licensed Boat.
  • Acquire associate degree entry allow before coming into to the parkland.
  • Dress in colors that mix with the Forest.
  • Observe complete silence whereas occupation the Sanctuary.
  • Use torch light while moving in night.
  • Follow the rules of the Park.

Things to not do in Bhitarakanika National Park :

  • Don’t use the BOAT while not HAVING a sound LICENSE
  • Don’t litter the sanctuary and avoid use of plastics and polyethylene merchandise.
  • Do not venture out at night.
  • Do not use blaring musical appliances.
  • Don’t carry outside food into the parkland.
  • Do not go near the Water Bodies.
  • Do not carry fire arms and explosives.
  • Do not carry meat or meat product
  • Don’t pluck flowers, fruits or any other plant parts.

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