Burla: An embodiment of Natural Beauty and Aesthetics

Burla - Samaleswari Temple

The small yet scenic town of Burla is situated at the banks of river Mahanadi in the Sambalpur district of Odisha. If you’re planning a trip to western belt of Odisha, you should definitely consider visiting the marvellous and majestic places that have gained a lot of popularity for this small town. At this point, you might be wondering what’s so special about Burla? Well, in this article we’re going to list down all the amazing places to visit while you’re in the beautiful town of Burla. So, let’s get started.

  1. Hirakud Dam and Jawahar Minar:

Burla is the home to the longest dam in the world – the mighty Hirakud Dam. This humongous earthen dam, built in 1957 is of major historical importance in India. But what makes it special is the bewitching natural beauty that you get to witness from a tower-like structure called Jawahar Minar. Named after the first Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Minar provides a beautiful view of the Hirakud Dam and the reservoir that will leave you in awe of this beautiful place. The river on one side and hills on the other is a sight to behold. The cool breeze in the evening adds to the soothing experience of sight seeing.

  • Right Dyke and Zero Point:

The Right Dyke of the Hirakud Dam stretches for over 11 kilometres along the river Mahanadi. The entire place is surrounded by hills and forests which provide a visual treat to the tourists. Zero Point is a very popular picnic spot right at the starting point of the dyke. The geographical location of this place attracts tourists as it gives an enriching experience in the lap of nature, which is something that people in the big cities miss out quite often. Bike rides along the dyke provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment as the winds blow along the river flow. The sunset at Right Dyke is very picturesque and is one of the major attractions to watch out for.

Burla -  Zero Point
  • Samaleswari Temple:

A temple dedicated to the Goddess Samaleswari or Maa Samalei is an epitome of the rich culture of western Odisha. It is believed that the name ‘Sambalpur’ has been derived by this powerful deity whose majestic temple is situated at the bank of Mahanadi. Among the variety of festivals observed before the Goddess, three of them are the most prominent: two Navaratris (one in March-April and the other in September-October) and the third and most prominent of all is Nuakhai which is the biggest festival in western Odisha. This goes to show how deeply the culture of this place is associated with the Maa Samaleswari Temple. The aesthetic architecture is a delight to look at and the aura of the temple is simply spiritual.

  • Ghanteswari Temple:

Maa Ghanteswari Temple is located in Chiplima and it is a must-visit site for anyone planning their trip to Burla. As the name suggests, you can sight bells everywhere in and around this temple. Devotees offer bells as their offering to Goddess Ghanteswari after the fulfillment of their wishes. Also known as the “lighthouse without lights”, the presence of numerous bells in this temple were helpful for the sailors who sailed along Mahanadi as they acted as warning signals for heavy winds. There’s also a narrow iron bridge that leads up to the temple and it’s simply beautiful.


Burla is a beautiful amalgamation of natural beauty and culture. The beauty is a result of the geographical location of this town. And the rich culture roots from the deities that have been worshipped in this region for ages. This place is as beautiful as it gets. It’s easy not to notice it, while the big cities move at a fast pace. This place has its own flavour. It’s far from the noise and closer to the soul.

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