The Chandrabhaga Sea Beach of Konark-All You Need To Know

Chandrabhaga sea beach - Konark

The Chandrabhaga Sea Beach of Konark – All You Need To Know – Best In Odisha

Bored of visiting those overcrowded and over rated beaches again and again? Searching for a lesser crowded as well as neat and clean beach to relax and spend some quality time with your near and dear ones? Congratulations, your wait is over! The Chandrabhaga Sea beach of Konark offers you that sweet breeze and serenity to thrill your soul with divine romance.

chandrabhaga sea beach

The Chandrabhaga Sea beach is located at a distance of 3 KM from the Sun temple of Konark and around 32KM from Puri in the state of Odisha.

This Sea beach is named after the Chandrabhaga river which meets here in Konark with the Bay of Bengal. The Chandrabhaga Sea beach is popularly known for becoming Asia’s first beach to achieve the Blue Flag certification. (An attestation by FEE given to environment-friendly beaches, harbour and sustainable boating tourism operator for their stringent standards.

Mythology behind Chandrabhaga Sea Beach:

According to Samba Purana, Samba(Lord Krishna’s Son) cured from Leprosy by worshipping Lord Surya on the bank of the holy river Chandrabhaga . Currently, the river has dried up. There remains a narrow pool near the sea beach which has been considered as a sacred place for religious activities.

Another interesting mythology (as described by Kabibar Radhanath Ray in his famous poetry book named Chandrabhaga),Once Lord Surya was smitten with the ravishing beauty of a girl named chandrabhaga, who was the daughter of a sage. He came down to the earth to seek her hand in love. But Chandrabhaga refused his proposal. Provoked by the romantic twinge, Lord Surya frightened her and chased after her. To protect her virginity Chandrabhaga committed suicide by jumping into the river near by. As a mark of tribute to her self sacrifice, every year  on the 7th day of the full moon fortnight of Magha month, a large number of  people from all around the state and outside assemble to take bath (a holy dip) in that shallow pool, to offer their prayers to the Sun God and to enjoy the vivid sunrise. The Chandrabhaga sea beach always been a place for different religious and meditative activities.

It has been a centre of attraction for poets, lovers and artists. Chandrabhaga is abundant in different marine resources.A large colony of fishermen (most of them belongs to the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh) live here in the slum areas beside the dried river- mouth.

chandrabhaga sea beach fun

What makes it different?

Actually Chandrabhaga sea beach of Konark doesn’t offer too much in terms of snacks and shopping. There are local shops selling a wide range of various handicrafts, decorative items made of wood and stone available near the seashore. A Wooden restaurant of Odisha tourism is available nearby the seashore which offers best food and hospitality.

There is a natural Deer sanctuary which adds distinctive feature to this place. Here you will find an ancient matha named as ChhotaramMatha (supposed to be the Ashram of Chandrabhaga’s father) and two small temples. There is a light house in some meters distance from the sea beach. Make sure a visit to this place when you are on your way to sea beach. You can enjoy the enticing beauty of Konark on its rooftop. To avoid the crowd, there is agood arrangement of traffic and parking space near the beach.

A row of Casuarina trees are there on the shore. The Chadrabhaga sea beach is absolutely a great place for photo and video shoots. The government has launched water sport and other water related activities here. You can enjoy the warm waters because even in winters, the water is comfortable.

The International Sand Art Festival at Chandrabhaga Sea Beach :

To add extra highlights to this Sea beach, let me inform you that the International Sand Art festival is organized at Chandrabhaga Sea beach from 1st December to 5th December every year. Around 40 to 45 local and foreign sand artists participate in this great event. They show their skill by creating different sand arts or models using the beach sand.

chandrabhaga sea beach sand art festival

The OTDC (Orissa Tourism Development Corporation) provides one marked area with barricades, water pumps, lights etc to each contestant. According to the theme of each day the artists change their sculptures which are really worth watching.

On the final day of this event prizes are given to the best artist after selection by Jury judges. You guys can make a visit to the stalls in the afternoon or evening hours to watch the completed sand arts. So what are you pondering now? Contentment is out there, Go get it. Have a good day.

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