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Kuruma, Buddhist Heritage
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Puri is the land of memorable culture and heritage. Along with the Jagannath temple, there are several places in the city spreading all over it’s adjacent boundaries. Chilika, Konark, Pipili are some famous places, but today we are going to explore an unseen gem and an idyllic historical destination of our Puri dist-Kuruma(alternatively spelt as Kurum).

Kuruma is widely known as a land of Budhhist Monastery and popular as a spiritual place of Buddhist site. Kuruma, a small village is located in Konark Tehsil of Puri district in Odisha. situated at a distance of 8 kilometers to the south-east of the Konark sun temple. This site was built between 9th – 10th centuries A.D.

As per Hiuen T’sang’s (A Chinese Buddhist monk) opinion,“ Kuruma is one of the Buddhist archaeological sites containing ancient Buddhist stupas”. This site was first reported by a local school teacher, named Brajabandhu Das and subsequently excavated by Odisha state Archaeology from 1971 to 1975. Earlier to this quarry, a stone slab was found on the bank of a tank, containing the beautiful image of Lord Buddha. Where the Lord Buddha is seated in lalitasan position, with his right hand in Bhumisparsa mudra and the left placed over his left knee. This image was elaborately ornamented with a beautiful crown and an exquisitely carved necklace.

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Kuruma, Puri
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Apart from this, two more images were also found near the tank, including ‘Heruka’ which is known as ‘Dharma’ (the Sun God ) by local people and another image is known as ‘Yama’ (the God of Death). This Buddhist monastery is having twelve blocks, three in each cardinal direction with an open large courtyard at the center. The monastery is abandoned now and the images recoverd from the site now worshiped within a small shed., from tourism point of view it is an important place due to its close proximity to sun temple of Konark, which makes it an important tourist attraction.

How to Reach:

  • By Air:

Nearest Airport-Biju Pattnaik International Airport at Bhubaneswar 68km.

  • By Train:

Nearest Railway station at Puri 43km.

  • By Road:

The village is located 43 kilometers away from Puri city, around 8 kilometers to the South-East of the Sun Temple at Konark, and can be reached by bus or taxi.

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