Puri Konark Marine Drive-One Of The Best Marine Drives In India

Odisha is a canvas of design, beauty and colors. Starting from sacred temples to pristine sea beach, Odisha is a land for every travel junkie. This lesser visited state has a blooming history and beautiful travel destinations. But today we’ll discuss about the road which is more beautiful than the destination. Yes, this article is about Puri Konark Marine Drive.

Clean and well built roads, almost zero traffic, less pollution, cool and fresh breeze with sea on one side and coastal forests on the other. Heaven is here! So, what more do you want? Puri Konark Marine Drive is one of the best marine drives of India joining two religious places Puri and Konark. This 35KM marine driveway is embellished with lush green casuarinas that make the environment more ecstatic and paradisal. The mesmerizing beach line of Chandrabhaga Sea Beach running parallel to the coastal forests sets a perfect view for a wonderful long drive. So, if you are a road trip fanatic who lives to experience the best of outdoors, then Puri Konark Marine Drive is a perfect option for you. The best part of this driveway is the smooth, clear and motor able road that makes the journey swift and easy.

Major Attractions:

A number of tourist spots are lying in between Puri Konark Marine Drive.

The marine drive road is lined up with a number of tourist spots which is good for picnic too.  Chandrabhaga Beach and Ramchandi Beach are two most preferred tourist spots. You can enjoy some water sport activities like Boating, Surfing, and Sea kayaking here. For Boating in Ramchandi beach, you’ll have to pre-book your ride with the boat men one day in advance.

The Marine Drive is dappled with a selected list of top religious pilgrimage sites.

You’ll find some ancient pilgrimage sites and temples such as Ramchandi Temple, Beleswar Temple, Bali Kapileswar Temple, Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple etc on your way.  These sacred places have some great moral significance and devotees from all around Odisha come here in hope of fulfilling their desire.

Enjoy your weekend at luxurious and eco-friendly resorts and hotels.

Though it’s a family holiday or plan with friends, it can be more fun with the right place to stay. If you’re looking for an enchanting vacation, there are many eco resorts and hotels in between Konark and Puri for your relaxation. Some of them are Lotus Eco Resort Konark, Toshali Sands Resort Puri, Ocean Delight, Sagar Vihar Beach House, Hotel E Taj, Hotel Holiday Resort, Mayfair Hareitage etc.

Confluence of River and Sea_ an awesome view to behold!

Ramchandi temple is located on the banks of Kushabhadra River. Here you can find the confluence of River Kushabhadra with the Bay of Bengal and few islands. Get a short boat ride to get on to the place where the river meets the sea. Boating and walk on sands of the beach is truly an amazing experience.

Balukhand Konark Wildlife Sanctuary_ home to a number of Wildlife species.

One of the major attractions of this marine driveway is Balukhand wildlife sanctuary which is spread in 72 km square areas in between Konark and Puri. Along with casuarinas, the cashew plantation and presence of native flora also enhances the beauty of this region. You can see some black-bucks in the grooves and olive ridley sea turtles nests on the sandy sea beaches.

Witness the Beauty of the Sunrise and Sunset on this drive.

There’s something magical to watch the splendid view of the rising and setting sun on this marine drive. So pair your timing with Sunrise or sunset to have the most unforgettable time of your life.

Puri Konark Marine Drive
Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road

Tips and Suggestions:

  • It is not advisable to be there at the wee hours because Odisha’s most beautiful drive becomes safe heaven for criminals and robbers after dusk.
  • Another thing that should be taken into consideration is a place is beautiful only when we keep it clean. Therefore it’s a request to everyone –wherever you go, make sure you use dustbins and keep clean our environment. When a place is clean, naturally it becomes beautiful.