All You Need To Know About The Ramchandi Beach Of Konark

Ramchandi Beach

Ramchandi Beach Of Konark – Best In Odisha

Characterized by the silvery sands and the serene atmosphere, Ramchandi beach of Konark  is one of the worth visiting and beautiful beaches for visitors in Odisha. This is a calm and quiet beach after Chandrabhaga lies right behind the Ramchandi Temple in Konark.

Ramachandi beach is just 8km away  from Konark Sun Temple and located on the junction of the Kushabhadra  River and the Bay of Bengal. Goddess Ramchandi(the most benevolent chandi), the presiding deity of this locality is worshipped here.  Some believes that it is the temple of Mayadevi, wife of Lord Surya(Sun God).

Ramchandi Beach

By comparing with the sun temple of konark, this temple is not so important from its architectural point of view; but from the religious point of view, this one is listed among the famous Shakti  Pithas of Odisha.  Historian says that this temple is more ancient than the Sun temple of Konark. In accordance with this temple, this famous picnic spot in Konark is known by Ramchandi Beach.

Mythology behind Ramchandi Temple:

There is a popular mythology concerning the deity among the locals. Kalapahad, who was a rebel Hindu Brahmin youth but later got converted to Islam, took an oath to destroy all the temples of Hindu worship during the 17th century. After destroying the Sun temple, he proceeded towards Ramachandi temple to destroy it. Then Goddess Ramachandi dressed herself as a Maluni (a maid servant) and told Kalapahad to wait at the door till she brings water from the nearby river.

Kalapahad anxiously waited for a long time, but when it was too late and the Maluni did not return he got exhausted  and rushed into the temple and found the throne empty. With so much fury, he searched for that Maluni who took away the deity with her. When he arrived at  the bank of the Kushabhadra river he noticed that the goddess Ramachandi was floating in the middle of the river. Suddenly the river was outflowing, so he came back empty handed without being able to reach the middle of the river.

After some days Goddess Ramachandi came in dream of a Priest and ordered him to build a temple on the bank of the Kushabhadra river. From that day this place is  known as Ramachandi. Every year many tourists and local devotees  come here in hope of fulfilling their desire and to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.

What makes this place so Unique?

Unlike most beaches in Odisha, Ramchandi beach of Konark is a very isolated, a lot clean, and pristine beach where the water is not so turbulent. People get some very beautiful visuals during the sunrise and sunset and the most interesting fact about this spot is the sunset and rising moon can be visualized here at a time. Due to a gradual slope of this beach the high waves are not formed here and keeps this beach perfect for swimming and boating.

The key point of this beach is one can go to the island like place present here by a boat. One side of that island there lies the Bay of Bengal and on another side there is the Kushabhadra river which looks really marvelous. There are many boats available for ride and this beach is so calm and peaceful that you can hear the soothing sound of sea waves.

Ramchandi Beach Surfing Festival
Ramchandi Beach Surfing Festival

The delightful sight of this place has always captivated young lovers, married couples, students and picnickers from all around the world. One can do various water sports like boating, fishing, scuba diving, swimming etc here.

Inside the small temple, you will find the graceful Chandi, seated on a lotus flower and the temple is half covered by sand mounds. If interested, one can also purchase some colorful and well decorated local made hats from the shops outside the temple. Although prices are lower than Puri, but need bargaining. The endless Bay of Bengal expanded to eternity and a thick row of Casuariana plants makes this place more stunning.

The famous Ramchandi Festival which is organized every year in between the month of September and October is an additional key feature of this spot.

The Lotus Eco Beach Resort, Konark:

The Lotus Beach Resort, which is scenically nestled at this place (on the convergence of the Kushabhadra River and the Bay of Bengal) is a perfect getaway to spend some quality time on the silvery sands of Ramchandi beach which is surrounded by lush greenery. You will enjoy the cozy cottages and 1 bedroom villas in this waterfront resort which fetures an ayurvedic spa and relaxed cafe too.

Ramchandi Beach - Lotus Eco Beach Resort

In short, Ramchandi beach of Konark is a quiet and soothing location for your mental repose, an amazing site for photo shoots and a great picnic spot to visit with your partner, friends, family and colleagues. Hope you find this article helpful. Have a good day!

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