Sakshigopal Temple, Puri- History, Timings and More

Sakshigopal Temple Of Puri

Temples have great importance in Hinduism. Among these temples, the name of Sakshigopal(dedicated to Lord Vishnu) temple is very famous, also it is widely popular for celebrating the Amla Navami Festival. It is built just 15 kilometers away from the Jagannath Temple, located near the famous city of Puri in the Odisha province. Sakshigopal Temple is very famous. People believe about the temple that the devotee who comes to visit Lord Jagannath in Puri, his journey will be complete only when the person visits the Sakshigopal temple. So, after visiting the Lord Jagannath temple, who have reached Puri from far off places also bow down in this temple and show their reverence to God.

The building of this temple is very beautiful and charming, act as one of a living example of Kalinga architecture and the prasad offerings at Sakhigopala temple are made of wheat rather than rice, which is considered as one of an exceptional offerings among the worshiping processes of Vishnu temples all over the world.


The story associated with this temple is also very interesting. As per the mythology, it is said that a rich Brahmin walked towards Vrindavan to do pilgrimage(Tirtha yatra) at the last stage of his age, and a poor Brahmin boy also accompanied with him. At that time, pilgrimage trips used to be on foot. You had to make arrangements for food and drink as well.So, during this journey that poor boy took very good care of that old Brahmin. Being pleased with his(poor boy) service, in the Gopal temple of Vrindavan, that Brahmin confirmed his daughter’s marriage with that poor boy and promised to go back and complete this task. When both of them came to Puri after a long time, the boy reminded the Brahmin about the promise that he had made to him before the Lord Gopal.

Sakshigopal Temple of Puri, Odisha
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When the Brahmin told about his promise to family members, his own sons did not agreed. On the other hand, the family members of the Brahmin insulted the poor boy very much. After being insulted, the poor boy went to Pachayant, and told them the whole story., but the Panchas asked for proof. The boy said that Gopal (God) was also present at the time of the promise of marriage. The poor boy was ridiculed by the Panchs. So to prove his truth, the boy reached Vrindavan again. After reaching there, he told his whole pain story to Lord Gopal and pleaded with folded hands, and said that, “Now you(Lord Gopal) have to go with me and explain the whole thing to the panchayat”.

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Seeing the dedication of that boy, Lord Gopal was very happy and agreed to be his Sakhi(witness) also Lord instructed him that, “Don’t look back during the journey and If you look back, I will become the stable”. Then the boy agreed and both started walking towards Puri. On the way, when he reached the village, the sandy road started. Due to the sandy road, the sound of the ghungroos stopped. So, the boy gets confused and turned back to see the lord. But unfortunately, as per the condition the lord became a statue of stone. Seeing the stability of his witness (God), that boy got upset but Lord told the boy that you should not be depressed, just go and bring the panchayat here. The poor boy did the same, he went to the village and brought the panchayat where Lord Gopal was standing. Upon the arrival of the panchayat, Gopal reiterated all that the rich Brahmin had done to that poor boy in his presence. After becoming the Sakhi (witness), that poor boy got married to the girl of that Brahmin and Lord Gopal settled there as Sakhigopal. Thus, due to coming for witness, Gopal ji got the name of Sakshi Gopal or Satyaban Gopal.
The Sakshi Gopal temple built in his memory confirms the judgement that those who trust the lord, their God also helps them in times of difficulties and give them their hands to lift up them from the difficulties.

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