Satapada, Odisha- Abode of Dolphins | Chilika Lake

Satapada is like a canvas, which is beautifully amended by our mother nature. It is a small village that has water, playing a major role in the day-to-day activities of its inhabitants. Satapada (alternatively spelt as Satapara),is situated at the northeast cape of Chilika Lake and Bay of Bengal, at a distance of 50km from Puri and 120 KM from Bhubaneswar. It is one of the famous tourist place of Odisha. In Odia sata means “seven” and pada means “village”, so Satapada is commonly known as the group of seven villages. It is situated on the southern part of the Chilika Lake and the exact geographical location of this place is 19°40’10″N and 85°26’38″E.

Dolphin Sanctuary, Satapada, chilika, Puri

Satapada on Chilika is a habitation to the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins. It is the place where, Dolphins and the endemic Sea Mouth(where Chilka lake meets the Bay of Bengal) is the major attraction which attracts a large number of tourists every year. Also it furnishes the opportunity for viewing an indelible sunrise and sunset. By reaching this place in the morning, you can spent much of your time with Dolphins., but it is difficult to see the complete Dolphin. Only, if they jumps high, at that time you’ll be able to see the complete Dolphin. Here the water changing its colour with the passing of clouds and shifting of Sun, which offers a panoramic view of the lagoon enclosed by the hills.

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Just because of it’s(Satapada) close proximity to the famous Nalabana bird sanctuary, visitors may find different varieties of migratory birds, during the winters. Which will be a paradise for ornithologist’s. There are also, you can enjoy, water sports like canoeing, kayaking and boating.It is really an ideal place to spent some magical moments with your family and friends.

A small island called Rajhans is situated near this place at the mouth of the lagoon on one side and the other side is towards the Bay of Bengal. It is named after the Rajahamsa. This island is 18 kilometers from Satapada., is one-and-a-half-hours away by boat. A trek along the beach can even take one to Gopalpur-on-sea.

Satapada, Chilika, odisha

Fishermen fry pomfret and tiger prawn on the beach and sell them to tourists at a low-cost. Here, the night stays so silent. However, you can take a walk through the fishermen villages and stop for a sip at the tea stalls.

So this winter, experience something new at Chilika, Satapada and take a boat ride for sight seeing and dolphin watching. As well as don’t forget to try the delicious crab roasted or curry and other sea foods along the Islands Lagoon which acts as a paradise for bird watchers.

How to reach :

  • The nearest railway station: 50 km away at Puri
  • The nearest airport : 110 km away, at Bhubaneswar.

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