Siddha Bhairavi Temple of Ganjam| All you need to know

Maa Siddha Bhairavi temple is a famous “Shakti temple” (also called shakti pitha) in Odisha. It is a sculpture of primitive mode, featuring one leg and four hands, named as “Eka Pada Bhairavi”. The temple is 18 kilometres from Berhampur and is on NH 16. This temple is located in a remote area named Mantridi of Ganjam district of Odisha.

The Siddha Bhairavi temple is 35 feet high, and the idol of the goddess is sited four feet down the ground level. It is assumed that a number of saints have got Siddhi (preservation) here by worshipping the goddess Bhairavi. So it is also known as Siddhi Pitha.

Glimpse of Prehistoric art and culture of Odisha can be seen in the walls of the temple premises. The professional worshipers, called as Malees in odisha, worship the deity.

Origination of Siddha Bhairavi Temple:

According to the legend, the Pitha(temple) originated after the embodiment of goddess Sati Parvati, when she sacrificed herself in Yagyan of Dakshya Prajapati.  It is considered that this idol was digged out from a ploughed field. MaaBhairavi is the chief divinity of Sadhabas. The Fisherman and Sailors worship, pay respect to the goddess Bhairavi before starting their journey.

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Attractions of The Temple:

The holy place is dwelled to 108 sub temples devoted to all Hindu gods from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. There are 12 jyotirlinga sub temples, Vaishno Devi Maa temple, Dashaavatar temples, Venkateshwar temple, Ranganath temple, Meenakshi temple, Badrinath temple.

The temple is surrounded by a big garden with a variety of flowers and Turtles around. A big temple of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Shubhadra is also present in the middle and is worshiped here. As per the belief, in the end of Kaliyuga, Maa Bhairavi devi will escort Kalki Avatar in re-establishing Dharma.

Also, the road to the temple is picturesque with serene beauty. Bushes in the sides and peaceful road, is an amazing place both for religious and nature lovers.

Sonepur Beach is the nearest beach from the temple which is 11 kilometres from Maa Siddha Bhairavi temple. Must visit Pati Sonepur Beach if you are planning to visit Bhairavi Temple.

Siddha Bhairavi Temple of Ganjam
Siddha Bhairavi Temple of Ganjam

Best Time To Visit:

The Tuesdays and Sankranti days of every month according to the Hindu calendar are regarded to be fortunate. Hundreds of followers visit the temple everyday in a belief that making a wish in front of the idol becomes true one day. It is a most famous temple for the devotees of South Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

How To Reach The Temple?

  • RAILWAY STATION:  Berhampur Railway Station is the nearest station in Odisha to go Bhairavi temple.
  • TAXI:  You can book a taxi from Berhampur to Maa Siddha Bhairavi temple and Sonepur Beach.
  • BUS:  Local buses are also available.
  • By TWO-WHEELER:  You can also go to the temple by two-wheeler but you have to start in the morning, so you can enjoy the serene beauty and nature.

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