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Simlipal National Park - safaris

A picturesque and scenic city in province within the space of Marurbhanj, Similipal National Park was once a searching ground for the erstwhile rulers of Marurbhanj.

The area is these days being attributable with the biggest life sanctuaries of Republic of Asian nation and is additionally thought of jointly of the most tiger project in India.

Being derived from the name of the vegetable silk tree that is regionally referred to as as Simul, the world of Similipal national park is enriched with dense forests, putting meadows, surprising waterfalls and remarkable rivers associated is positioned at a tableland with an elevation of 900m.

Similipal National Park

The area of Similipal reserve is gifted with great bio-diversity and ultimate varieties of faunas in the ranges with the ambience of cool breeze emerging out of the dense forests. The lushly ambience of Simlipal has been recognized as the perfect location for forest camping which is open for the tourists during the best season of Nov to mid- June.

Also called Similipal Elephant Reserve, it’s an entire scheme with forest vegetation together with the conterminous Santhal social group settlements.

Similipal National Park – History

Originally being the searching ground for the king like rulers of Marurbhanj, Simplipal was selected a tiger reserve within the year 1956 and in could 1973 the essential a part of the Project Tiger in May 1973.

Similipal National Park Statue

This is constant reserve wherever the notable “Mugger crocodilian reptile Scheme” was started in 1979 and as a consequence, within the same year the govt of Odisha declared Similipal as a life sanctuary by covering a district of two,200 sq. kms (850 sq mi).

Further 845.70 sq. kms (326.53 sq mi) of space was value-added into it and in 1994, it had been declared as a part reserve. Pleasurably, in May 2009, UNESCO also added this national park to its list of Biosphere Reserves.

Similipal National Park Tiger Reserve

Similipal National Park – Wildlife

Simplipal Reserve is that the safest paradise for “n” range of life creatures for higher habitation and protection.

To include a number of the creatures within the list area unit Leopard, Gaur, Elephant, Langur, Barking and Spotted Deer, Sloth Bear Mongoose, Flying Squirrel, Porcupine, Turtle, Monitor Lizard, Python, Sambar, Pangolin, Crocodile and Four horned Antelope.

This National Park is also home to a large number of reptiles including snakes and turtles. The other attractions of the Similipal National Park are Mugger crocodiles at Jashipur apart from Barehipani and Joranda waterfalls.

Similipal National Park – Flora

Similipal Reserve could be a depot of 1076 species of plants happiness to 102 completely different families.

Similipal national park image

Around ninety six species of orchids are known here that area unit the main a part of a mixed style of vegetation called Odisha semi-evergreen forests with tropical wet broad-leafed forest and tropical wet deciduous forests together with dry deciduous hill forest and high level Sal forests.

The grasslands and also the savannas bring grazing grounds for the herbivores and ideal spot for the carnivores. The forest boasts of innumerable medicinal and aromatic plants to serve as an essential source of earnings for the tribal people. Eucalyptus, also are the main floral  attraction within the space that was planted by the Britishers at the then amount (in 1900).

Nearby Places / Attractions – Similipal National Park

Jaranda Falls – this is often the foremost picturesque water within the Similipal National Park space to serve the guests as a wide ranging attraction. The Jaranda falls is found at the core region of Similipal and is smothered around by thick vegetation, cool climate with whistling winds.

This is a powerful location to form it a perfect and marvelous picnic spot for defrayment moneymaking moments together with in the course of the picturesque views of Mother Nature.

The water currents raining at the peak of a hundred and fifty m to form a pool within the base for bathing underneath this splendid water is additionally increased by the picturesque valleys and mind blogging environment.

Barheipani Falls – will be} the foremost spectacular and attention-grabbing water within the Similipal reserve space wherever the cascading of the stream can be pictured from the peak of 399m with tremendous force in an enigmatic style.

Located at the backcloth of the impressive forest of Similipal and with causing a scintillating pool at its base to require a soothing bathtub for the guests, the Barheipani Falls is that the most rattling and awful location for all.

The ideal spot for the atmosphere friendly tourists, this spot is that the good mirror for female parent beauty on the spell binding landscape to form a grand shake the urban life.

Trekking at Similipal National Park –

Similipal National park - Trekking

At Similipal National Park, not solely the sight-seeing, life excursion and a few leisure activities bind the guests for Associate in Nursing energizing diversion, however the one vehement activity may be other in the list which salubriously the trekking fun all round the thanks to the arduous terrains of the Similipal tiger reserve.

The forest that is adorned with undulating rough terrains supply all grades of trekking challenges to the sporting tourists.

Natural walks, hiking and rough trekking square measure the opposite attractions during this park to relish the natural splendors, the exquisite atmosphere and breathless landscapes.

The near habitation facility accords for the trekkers to create necessary arrangements for such sporting treks.

To make it additional fascinating, the tough guides will assist with the factual data on the paths and also the dangers followed within the trails.

Other Attraction – Similipal is that the ideal location to find out and luxuriate in the life and culture of the society of Orissa. The tourists will act with the tribe world and participate in their festivities and customs.

The area is Associate in Nursing acclaimed place for sporting activities like nature walking, forest hunting expedition and trekking. The two majestic peaks Meghasani and Khairiburu add abundant attraction to the world to explore the Mother Nature.

Similipal National Park – Excursions

Kuliana (18kms) – set at the space of eighteen metric linear unit, this can be the foremost pictorial place, famed for Paleolithic articles to induce familiar with the pre-historic eras and living. So from the archeological purpose of read, this location will best acceptable the folks fascinated by an equivalent field.

Haripur (16 Kms from the reserve) – based by prince Harihar Bhanj in 1400 A.D., this can be a celebrated spot to go to in and round the space of Similipal. Haripur space was thought-about because the capital of Mayurbhanj State.The presence of Rasikaraya Temple adds more spark in its popularity.

Moreover, the Radha Mohan temple is in rectangular form and Goudiya vogue design in Jagganath temple also arethe other feature of this location to create Haripur a must-see place during Similipal tour.
Deokund (55 Km) – 55 kms away from the reserve area at a hill top, Deokund is known for the presence of a famous shrine of Diety Ambika.

Religious folks will create a certain shot visit to the present shrine with the cascading attraction of the world at the peak of fifty foot.

Baripada – this can be famed for the district headquarter, Baripada is a beautiful place to be recognized most at the time of a colorful festival of Chaitra Parva. In this pageant a chariot journey (Rathyatra) of the diety Subhadra is frantic that is apparently being organized and force by the females of the world.

Bhimakunda(162 Km) – Bhimkunda is really Associate in Nursing ancient reservoir that is believed to be gift from the age of the Pandavas (the Dwapara Yuga). The name has been derived from Associate in Nursing ancient legend once Bhima- one amongs the 5 pandavas took tub in a kund throughout their keep in Biratnagar.

The name of the kund additionally because the place was given at the moment. Located at the space of 162 kms from the reserve space, the world conjointly receives non secular significance because of the presence of Bhaytarani watercourse meaning the watercourse that removes concern from the mind; quite fascinating and religious which means behind it.

Safaris (Similipal National Park) :

Safari in Similipal is best known with four vehicles organized by the jungle authority, especially for the jeep safari. An open 4 wheel drive hunting expedition vehicle is allowed and offered for the guests to examine the daily game drives.

Similipal National Park - safaris

The gap time of the park to go to is 01st October until fifteenth June. Besides, the jungle auto hunting expedition, the tourists can also have the best capacitive activities to enjoy are:
• Bird watching
• Nature walk
• Tribal village tour
• Visit to water fall

Similipal National Park – Travel Information

By Air – the closest airports for Similipal square measure Bhubaneswar (270 km) and metropolis (240 km).Although,  a right away drive down from metropolis is preferred because it is sort of free from all the hassles and bustles of the waiting and boarding & de-boarding.

By Rail – the closest railhead is Balasore (60 metric linear unit from Baripada), being directly connected by the major trains running on the South-Eastern sector.

By Road – Baripada is that the most accessible purpose to achieve the parkland that is at the space of 270 kms from Bhubaneswar, 240 kms from metropolis, 55 kms from Balasore and 16 kms from Pithabata. Bripada is also being considered as the entry point for the reserve which is a district headquarters of Mayurbhanj lying at the junction of NH 5 and 6. All the places square measure connected by bus services and pronto offered taxis and jeeps conjointly create the world additional accessible.

Hotels in Similipal National Park :

The land of the temples, Odisha is also flourished with magnanimous scenic beauty; and to appreciate that beauty amidst the natural wilderness a fabulous stay at this paradise is a must.

Similipal Khairi Resort
Simlipal Khairi Resort

To make America offered a number of the best residing choice for special retreat, Odisha tourism has a number of forest lodges and guest houses which are being fancied with great amenities and impressive services.

Besides, the presence of nice hotels and resorts conjointly create the life journey additional placid and salubrious. Imagine, residing at the jungle atmosphere beneath the urban facilities bring tremendous pleasure for the life lovers and alternative leisure tourists.

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