Taratarini Temple of Ganjam | All you need to know

Tara Tarini Shakti Peeth Temple is a famous Shakti Peeth in Brahmapur city. It is situated on the blue capped holy mountain of Ratnagiri / Kumara hills/ Purnagiri/ Tarini pravat hills near the holy river Rushikulya, of Ganjam, Odisha. Taratarini Temple is around 31 kilometres from Brahmapur city. The temple is on the top of a hillock, so you can go up in your vehicle or use a rope-way service which is always available. There you can find a great picturesque on the top and while going through the rope-way also.

The Tara Tarini temple is the oldest pilgrimage center of Mata Sati and is one of four major primitive Tantra Peetha and Shakti Peethas in the Indian subcontinent.

The four major Shakti Peethas in India subcontinent are following:-

  1. The Tara Tarini Temple, Brahmapur, Ganjam, Odisha.
  2. Maa Bimala Temple inside Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha.
  3. Kamakhya temple, Guwahati, Assam.
  4. Dakshina Kalika Temple, Kolkata, West Bengal.

There are 52 more religious Shakti Peethas in India which were originated from the limbs of Maa Sati’s corpse in Satya Yuga.

Tara Tarini Shakti Peetha is the Breast Shrine (Sthana Peetha) symboling “Adi Shakti”. Goddess Parvati is the primordial power behind the universe, therefore termed as Adi Shakti.

Representation Of Goddesses Maa Tara And Tarini In The Temple:

IMG 20191129 WA0027.jpg

The two deities Maa Tara and Tarini are symbolised with gold and silver ornaments along with two ancient stone statues. The two brass heads, named Chalanti Pratima, in other words the Living Image are placed between them.

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Other Attractions Of Taratarini Temple: 

The temple remains open every day from 1 am to 11 pm for darshan. Around 8 to 9 lakh people come during festivities for Darshan of Maa Tara and Tarini, the two twin sister deities of the temple.

Chaitra Mela/Chaitra Parva/Chaitra Yatra, Dussehra festival, Navaratri days, Deepawali, all Sankranti and all Tuesdays of the year are found to be religious.

Chaitra Mela or Chaitra Parva or Chaitra Yatra is the most famous festival celebrated in the Tara Tarini hill temple. It takes place during mid-March to mid-April on every Tuesdays of the Chaitra month in Odisha (the four Tuesdays) in the Hindu calender.

The devotees (specially the people of Odisha) offer the first bunch of hairs of their newborn babies in a belief that goddesses Tara Tarini will protect the newborns from all evils and ensure their well-being.

It is believed that the Goddesses are attentive to the prayers of their devotees. You can feel the miracle once you visit the temple and chanting the name of Maa with loyalty and devotion. It is also said that if you fast the Tuesdays of Chaitra month, your worldly wishes will certainly be fulfilled by Maa Tara Tarini.

Goddesses Tara Tarini are considered as the presiding deity, the Istadevi in many parts of Indian subcontinent and in most houses of Odiya people in Odisha.

Best Time to visit Taratarini Temple:

The best time to visit the temple is between mid-march to mid-April, during the Chaitra festival, you will get a chance to learn about the history, culture, & traditions of the temple and its people around, of Odisha.

This is also a famous picnic spot in Southern Odisha for the School students, family, friends and relatives.

There are over 999 steps from the foot of the hill to the hill top. You can go trekking in the shade of green plantation which is very much entertaining and delightful. Or you can use the ropeway services available to get to the hilltop. So it is a must visiting place, please visit whenever you go Odisha.

How to Go?

  • By Air

The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar which is 174 kms from the temple, in Odisha. If want to go from Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh the temple is 240 kms from Vizag airport.

  • By Train

The nearest railway station is Brahmapur Railway Station, the temple is 32 km.

Taxi services are available from Brahmapur, Bhubaneshwar, and Vishakhapatnam to Tara Tarini temple.

  • By Road

Regular bus facilities are also available from Brahmapur to the Tara Tarini Junction and to the temple.

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