The Chandrabhaga Light House Of Konark

Bored of visiting those overcrowded picnic spots again and again? Searching for a vacant place to enjoy this summer holidays? Well, same here. Visiting Light house (Bati Ghara: Light means Bati and house means Ghara, according to Odia language) on your way to sea beach is always a great idea.

Unexplored place with scenic beauty, the Chandrabhaga Light house of Konark is one of those few must see and must experience picnic spot in Odisha which offers an amazing holidaying experience. If you have ever been to konark and haven’t visited the Chandrabhaga light house, then your travel diary is incomplete.

The Chandrabhaga light house of Konark is situated on the eastern coast of India, near Chandrabhaga sea beach of Odisha. This Light house is derived its name from the Chandrabhaga river which has dried down and now no more exists. It offers a beautiful view of the sea as well as town, from a certain height. By standing on the top of the light house you’ll get a wonderful experience to watch the Chandrabhaga sea beach and the Balukhanda forest cover around the Sun temple of Konark.

The Chandrabhaga Light House -  Konark
  • Some Information About Chandrabhaga Light House:

The Chandrabhaga light house is close to Marine drive having longitude 86⁰06.6’E and latitude 19⁰52.1’N. It is a leased land of State Govt. having an area of 18680 sqm. The height of this light house is approx 25-30 meters.  It is just 3km away by road from the world famous Konark Sun Temple on the Puri-Konark Marine drive. The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar  which is located at a distance of 64Kms . The nearest railway station is Puri which is just 32 Kms from this Light house. There lies motorable road upto light house and public transport is available here.

 A Lighthouse tower, staff quarters, Power house, Inspection quarter, Garage and different kinds of trees such as: Casuarinas, Mango, Teak wood, Cashew nut, Acacia, Eucalyptus etc present inside the boundary. At the north and south portion of the land forest area exists.

To attract the tourists, especially those who are interested in scenic and calm places near the sea; the light house at Chandrabhaga is in a way to develop as tourist destination and has additional recreational avenues for which Union tourism minister is spending money. The directoriate of Lighthouses and lightships, Mumbai has decided to include the Chandrabhaga light house along with Gopalpur and Jagatsinghpur light house of Odisha to make them more captivating with beautiful landscape designs, development of amenities and cafeterias, conservation work.

The light houses in Odisha including this Chandrabhaga light house are maintained by the Kolkata Directorate of DGLL.

  • Historical Views Of Chandrabhaga Light House:

As per the Historians, the Ships earlier should be taking the Sun temple as a reference point in the sea and there were regular visits by the vessels of traders from Bali, Java, Sumatra and Srilanka in the ancient time. This light house is an old heritage by the British, but it came to existence in the year of 1967.

  • Things To Do In Chandrabhaga Light House:

To explore the amazing experience, you have to climb to the roof top of the light house through one hundred steps. This place is so heavenly and you’ll surely enjoy a combine magical aura of Sea and sky. The magnificent view of the marine drive road, Balukhanda forest cover and the bay of Bengal is breath taking.

Top view Chandrabhaga Light House -  Konark Odisha

For people having difficulties with stairs, please note that there are around 100+ steps to climb to the top viewing area. If you have that much energy to climb those stairs, then you can afford to visit this place.  Once you reach atop light house, you will find a 12v revolving light. As the visiting hour is strictly from 4PM to 5PM and it open for a very small period in the afternoon time; be there on time. The best part is to enjoy the glorious Sunset on the top observation deck. It’s better to carry a Camera to capture the precious moments of the golden hour. The red and white revolving lights of the light house which flashes for sometime in the dark are delightful to watch. Remember the light house  has a small entry, so be careful while visiting and obey all the rules and regulations.

Moreover, it is a nice highest place in Konark for awesome video and photography. However, if you have kids with you then this is a must go place for education purpose. This place is less crowded and it’s a modern light house with clean interiors. Visiting Light house is a great option to spend quality time with family when you are on a picnic to Konark.

  • Visiting Hours:

4PM – 5PM

  • Ticket Fee:

For Indian adults and Indian kids the ticket fee is Rs 10 and Rs 3 respectively. For foreign national it is Rs 25. If you want to carry Still camera with you, then the ticket fee is Rs20 and for Video camera it is of Rs25.

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