Bhubaneswar’s Tribal Museum- All You Need To Know

The temple city Bhubaneswar has so many things in its list in terms of visiting places to offer. The Museum of Tribal Arts and Artifacts situated at the CRP Square in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, which is commonly known as Tribal Museum and it was established in 1953. It showcases to a rich collection of different types of articrafts , which belongs to several  tribes living in different parts of Odisha.Our State  has about 60 tribal communities, including , Paroja, Koya, Kutia Kandha, Dongria Kandha, Bhottada, Santal, Kolha, Juang and others., which significance to this unique museum as “Museum of Man”. This Tribal Museum has five huge air-conditioned halls that displays several paintings, ornaments, dresses, weapons, hunting and agricultural implements, personal belongings including dance and musical instruments of 62 tribes of Odisha.  Apart from this, there are audio-visual units where visitors can watch documentaries on various tribes and can get relevant information about them.

Museum of Tribal Arts and Artifacts, CRP Square

This Tribal Museum  has been one of the top tourist attractions in Odisha for all ages of people. The model huts are so beautifully designed, and well maintained that they give the impression of realistic homes and all are adorned  with a rich collection of all things that an average tribal household owns. photography inside is  prohibited for visitors.

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The museum also includes 5 halls that display a great variety of arts and artifacts displaying the tribal lifestyle. Every hall and corner of this museum is adorned up with beautiful tribal artwork – every space has been used up as a canvas, from outer walls to tree trunks. 

  • Hall 1: It includes Personal  Personal Adornments such as clothing textiles, and ornaments like bangles, anklets etc used by different tribal people of Odisha.

  • Hall 2: It showcases  Personal Belongings like traditional combs, paddy crafts, leaf umbrellas, ritual smoking pipes, wine pipes and tobacco container etc apart from tribal wall paintings and photographs.

  • Hall 3: It displays Hunting & Fishing Implements like fishing traps, nets and fish carrying baskets & Weapons of Offence and Defense like sword, gun, knife, etc..

  • Hall 4: This gallery exhibit  different traditional household objects of the tribes.

  • Hall 5: Lastly, the fifth hall boasts an variety of dance, dhokra items, and musical instruments like ‘Katta’ of Koya, ‘Ghumura’ of Kutia Kandha, ‘Changu’ of Juang, ‘Dhak’ of Santal etc.
Different traditional household objects of the tribes

So, If you are ever going to Bhubaneswar then take out time for this amusing collection of tribal heritage and do visit this place with your loved ones.

Ideal Time For Visiting:

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday Closed)

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